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Beautiful Blogger AwardI was tagged in the “Beautiful Blogger Award” meme by Jillian, over at Finishing is Winning recently. Part of the game is to post 7 random facts about yourself in a post on your site.

  1. I am slightly obsessed with the idea of barefoot running. I really want to try a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, but I don’t want to buy them for myself! [Side note: check out this video of a Time magazine reporter giving the barefoot running stuff a test.]
  2. I am thoroughly grossed out by handling raw meat, especially chicken. I do it because I’m a good spouse and my hubby is definitely a carnivore. Otherwise, I would probably be vegetarian.
  3. I have an inner-desire to be a bad-ass roller derby chick, but I don’t know that I could actually pull that off.
  4. I am not a risk taker nor do I ever do anything spontaneously. In most cases, I’ve probably over-analyzed every angle of a situation before doing something.
  5. I wish I knew how to dance. The “I’m performing in a musical” type of dancing, not “hanging in da club” type of dancing.
  6. I love music. Most kinds of music, but I’m not into country much. Mainly alternative rock and indie-alternative rock. I was a DJ on my college’s alternative rock radio station back in the day, which was fun.
  7. I wish my house was a little more styled, but I do not really enjoy decorating. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable admitting this because I always felt like I was just supposed to know how to decorate a home simply because I’m a girl. But I don’t, and that’s okay.

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Thanks Jillian, for tagging me and giving me the opportunity to think a little about myself and come up with some random facts about myself.

Similar things like this are always floating around the blogosphere. In fact, in 2008 Terri tagged me with a similar meme… so read my 6 random things from that time! It was kind of fun for me to glance back and see what “random” personal trivia I felt like sharing at that time!


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