Apparel Review: New Balance NBx Control Capri

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New Balance NBx Control Capri

The New Balance NBx Control Capri seems to be their equivalent to the CW-X Stabilyx line. [Read my review on the CW-X Stabilyx capri] The New Balance website touts these as: “Maximum leg support and muscle control for the avid runner, the Control Capri offers incredible performance features to enhance your workout.”

The capris feature a control panel to help support your core muscles and have seaming that wraps around the thighs for muscle support; but none of the support systems are as extensive as the CW-X. The material definitely feels thinner than the Stabilyx ones as well.

But that’s not to say these are bad! These are actually really good tights. They’re well made and the seaming seems much more comfortable than the CW-X pair. They have a pocket on the lower back with a port for a headphone cord. I checked and my iPhone actually fit into the pocket, so it’s a decent size. I’m not sure that I would actually want to run with my iPhone right there, but at least it’s an option.

They advertise the capris as having reflective properties too, but I really doubt a little reflective NB and some geometric shapes on the left leg are going to go far in keeping a runner safe from traffic. But every little extra detail that makes someone more visible to drivers is always good.

The pants are solid black, which is kind of a bonus. Sometimes having a lot of extra colors when you’re wearing tights (which can take some mental preparation to feel confident while wearing anyway) just seems too flashy. The material is 80% polyester and 20% spandex, so they are made to be quick-drying when working up a sweat.

The waistband lays flat and includes a drawstring so the size can be customized to fit each individual perfectly. I found that the waistband didn’t really need to be “drawn in” much, so I just tuck the strings inside the waistband.

The pants are in the mid-price range too. They are more expensive than some of the other brands, but not quite as costly as the CW-X. The retail price is about $60, which is reasonable since they have more science behind their design than $30-40 varieties.

I think that for distances longer than 15 miles (or exceptionally hilly courses) I would probably rule the CW-X as necessary, just because of the extra support and my bad knee. But I would consider these for other runs as they are very comfortable. I like mine and feel they will definitely be a good training partner for the Vegas winter. For climates that get even colder, they do make a long version as well.

I got mine at my local Fleet Feet store, but they are available online from several different vendors.


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