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So, you’ve all heard of a little publication called Runner’s World, right? It’s a magazine… for runners. You know… full of running news, information, stories and such? Well, yours truly was quoted in the December 2008 issue in the article about the Nike+ Human Race 10K.

Nike+ Human Race 10K Article in December 2008 Runners World
Nike+ Human Race 10K Article in December 2008 Runner's World
I was interviewed by Jennifer Van Allen, who was actually featured in their RW Daily blog earlier this summer because of her win in the 20in24 Ultra Marathon.

It was interesting the amount of questioning that went into getting one tiny quote in the magazine. It’s also kind of weird to see it in print, in context of the whole article. I guess it’s just weird because yes, I did run in Cedar City, Utah like it mentions but I’m from Las Vegas. And since Cedar is where I grew up, I kind of wish that it had my full name in the attribution, that way any people from Cedar that don’t know my married name might recognize me. It’s silly, I know. It’s not like anybody is really going to care about this random person that was quoted in the story, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

For those of you who are new to the site or would just like to re-read, here is my post on running the Nike+ Human Race 10K that started this whole thing.

I’m beginning to feel like a Nike+ pitch-person on here!


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