Let’s Have a Throwdown

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If you recall, on August 3 I had a post where I reviewed Chill Towels, since the company sponsored our Tuesday Night run at Fleet Feet Sports. There were several comments from people that seemed legitimately interested in learning about the product. But there were also a few other comments from people that touted Frosty Towels as a superior product.

If that is a true statement, great… The problem I have with this is that each of those comments was left from supposedly different people, each with a different name, but all of those comments used the Frosty Towels website as their URL. Another company, CompetiTowel, did the same thing in a comment as well. It appears they are using my blog as a form of guerrilla marketing to farm more links to their site, more mentions of their brand in search engines.

The folks at Chill Towels contacted me and pointed out that they are not afraid of a little competition, but that the other companies seem to be using my blog for self-promotion without asking. And frankly, that’s not something I support.

So here’s what I propose…
Frosty Towels & CompetiTowel… provide some kind of compensation to my fundraising for the advertising you’ve done on my site AND/OR provide samples of your product for me to distribute at a Tuesday Night Fun Run at our Fleet Feet store for myself and others to sample.

If these companies don’t respond, I will be removing all of the comments from the original Chill Towels review. I don’t want my site or my writing used that way. There are more socially acceptable ways to garner PR through blogs and social media.


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