Aaptiv and Physique 57!

The Aaptiv app on my phone alerted me that they’ve added barre classes! And not just no-name, generic barre… they’ve partnered with Physique 57!

App notification: Introducing Barre Classes! Aaptiv and Physique 57 are excited to bring you our new barre category, live now in the app.

Scrolling through the app it looks like there are about 9 different classes available right now and they range from 10-40 minutes. There are total body classes, an arms class, a core class, a thighs and glutes class, a stretch class… so there is some diversity there. I think I’ll try the “ARMed & fAB” class first, it’s only 15 minutes so I can fit it in with another workout one day this week!

App screenshot of the Aaptiv barre category

Obviously I’m a little bit excited about this to post about it as soon as I realized it was a thing!

The links to Aaptiv are affiliate links. If you sign up with them, I get a little kickback to keep this site operational.

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