Aaptiv: Audio Fitness Classes Wherever You Go

Aaptiv Home Screen
Aaptiv is an app that includes over 2,500 audio workouts in a variety of workout types. The fitness classes are lead by instructors from around the country with varying areas of expertise. I got a 30-day free trial of the app and I’m basing this review on my time using it during this trial period. (Post updated to include affiliate links, I believe in Aaptiv that much!)

I don’t have a gym membership. I either run outside or use equipment that I have at home for all my fitness endeavors right now. Sure… some days I think I would love to get a membership in a fitness studio of some kind. But the vast majority of the time, it’s far easier to be able to just workout at home and not have to worry about commute time cutting into the sparse minutes I allocate toward myself.

But I’m not always the best at coming up with workouts for myself to do, especially for strength training. If left to my own devices, I’m probably just going to do some dumbbell curls and kickbacks, then move onto the treadmill or do some yoga because I’m not good at coaching myself for strength.

But I know it’s important…

So that’s why I’ve enjoyed using the Aaptiv app so much lately. It’s got a TON of different audio fitness classes that can be downloaded or streamed on your device. When you open the app you are presented with a list of a bunch of workout types or you can hit the button to find a workout, which helps you start to sort through the offerings.

Everything about the app is easy to use and intuitive. The search lets you narrow down based several factors to find classes that meet your needs. Or you can scroll down and just find something that interests you. As of this post there are categories for:

  • Outdoor Running
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Stairclimber
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Meditation

There are also more focused categories based on training for specific race distances (5K/10K/Half/Marathon), core classes, 7-minute workouts. Plus they have some special partnership programs with different brands or specially curated programs for things like maternity or time-crunched.

In addition to the main search button, you can choose a category and then filter it some more. So if I scrolled down and selected Strength Training, then adjust the duration slides to say 10-30 minutes, set a difficulty level of intermediate or advanced, it returns 145 classes. That amazed me… still 145 options! So I could then filter even more granularly by music type or something to find something that might strike a chord.

After doing a few workouts, you may find that a particular trainer just seems to click for you. You can also go search through the trainers and find that trainer to see all their classes. Or you can look for trainers that may fit a specific training style. Sometimes you’re looking for a high-intensity trainer to kick your butt, sometimes you want someone who is fun and encouraging.

I will say that I did a strength workout with a trainer and thought at the end, “Well, I’m not sure I liked his style much.” The next day, I was SO SORE that I would definitely try another class with him because he was effective.

I’ve said it repeatedly in this, but it bears repeating… these are audio workouts. There is no video demonstrating the moves. My experience so far has been that the trainers are very good at explaining what you need to do and I haven’t had any confusion. I guess there is always potential for that, I haven’t done all 2500+ classes. 😉

There is a notifications feature so you can set the app to remind you to do a workout, but you can’t set it to remind you to do a specific workout. That seems like it would be nice, especially if you’re doing one of the longer term programs (like marathon training) to hold you to your place in the program. Or a calendar feature in the app to say “Let’s do this workout next Wednesday.” or whenever. Sometimes when I finish a workout it says, “Would you like to try XYZ workout?” Usually, I’m thinking, “Yes… but not right this second.” But the next time I go into the app and look for a workout, I don’t usually remember that suggestion.

The app communicates with Apple Health and will store your workout information there. That’s a nice feature, especially for those of us who wear an Apple Watch and want that workout to help close the rings. That said, I will mention that it annoys me slightly that doing a meditation with the app counts as a workout in Apple Health instead of counting as mindful minutes in the app. There’s a whole category for that type of data, let’s use it!

(That last statement should have maybe had a NERD ALERT preface.)

All of this is to say that I’m extremely impressed with the Aaptiv app and I think you should give it a try.

Normally the free trial period is 7-days, but right now you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Beyond the free trial time, you can pay $9.99/month or you can pay an annual rate of $99.99.

Available on iOS and Android.


  1. […] I loved the class and had a lot of fun, but I’m not signing up for a membership just yet. Depending on where I send my kid to school next year I may sign up. I’m a cheapskate and $1200 a year for 2 classes a week is school money! I could run on my treadmill at home and lift some weights at home. Granted, I don’t have a coach telling me what to do at home, but I could use Aaptiv classes. […]

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