Solar Powered GPS

Did you know that Garmin has released a couple of GPS watches that charge through solar power? I just learned of this!

Evidently they released their first solar watches last summer and I’ve been so overwhelmed by life I haven’t done my due diligence in keeping up with the innovation like I used to! Oh well… it’s still a cool innovation.

If you’re here looking for a review on them, sorry… I don’t have a spare $800 or $400 to throw around on my watch, although the $400 Instinct does come in a cute orchid color. Is that a review?

This is probably the one I would order, if I was shopping for a new GPS watch at the moment.

If you really wanted to go all in, the Fenix Solar is over double the price of the Instinct, but if you are serious about your time on the trails, then I’ve heard the Fenix is the way to go. I thought it was due to the altimeter, but the Instinct has an altimeter as do some in the Forerunner family.

And if you want details on this watch, DC Rainmaker posted a review of it yesterday. Because he’s always on top of these devices! When I grow up, I want to be DC Rainmaker and post in-depth reviews of running tech all the time! LOL

Disclosure: I put Amazon affiliate links in this post, so if you followed them and actually bought one of those Garmin devices I might get a $20 payment from Amazon. But if you follow them and buy anything from Amazon, then I’ll get a few cents. Either way, I thank you if you do it!

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