Jaybird Vista Deal

I wrote a little while ago about my new Jaybird Vista headphones. I have been using them on nearly every run and I still love them. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to corded headphones. Unless I forget to charge things up…

Close photo of Planetary Green Vista earbuds by Jaybird

Well, Jaybird has announced a new deal where you can buy a pair of Vista headphones for yourself (or a friend) and then you’ll get a pair of the Tarah headphones for yourself (or a friend) for just $30. The Tarah are usually $50.

So, moms… you can get the more expensive and more awesome Vista for yourself for mother’s day and then save the Tarah’s for your spouse for Father’s day? 🙂 Or dads, you can buy the more awesome Vista for your wife and save the Tarah’s for yourself. (Note, I always give the lesser technology to the dudes. Sorry, not sorry guys!)

And full disclosure, if you buy something from Jaybird through my links, it’s an affiliate link and I’ll earn some pennies to pay for the hosting of this site. Definitely not enough to cover my husband’s pay cut due to COVID-19. That’s never happened!

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