Kind of a Race?

Stay Home - Inaugural Finisher medal drawing/illustration.

This morning’s run was my official “entry” to this race from Vacation Races… errr, Staycation Races.

I haven’t entered a race in a couple of years. Stress, health, parenting, life, it all got in the way. Then last summer I started to get the itch to run a race once more. I was all set to pull the trigger and then my husband was suddenly unemployed. It didn’t seem fiscally prudent to pay race entry fees when I had to support the fam.

Six loooooong months later, my spouse had a new job and I thought it was time to find, enter, and train for a race. Do something for myself.

Then COVID-19 appeared… and races all over were cancelled or postponed. There isn’t anything that I can count on at the moment. Normally I’m not a fan of virtual races, they seem pointless to me. Why should I get a medal for one day’s run and not another’s? Doesn’t interest me. Except when I saw this one, I knew I wanted to sign up

So before my husband’s employment is killed by this social distancing (and it will be, if things can’t start opening soon) and I have to feel constant fear over my ability to provide for my family again… I signed up. I still hold some level of guilt over that, like I should be saving every cent possible.

Jill's feet in running shoes on 4/19/2020

This morning I laced up and accomplished a good, solid, run.

Someday maybe I will be able to enter a legitimate race again, but today this added a little extra fun for my typical #sundayrunday and I will get that spark of happiness again when the medal arrives in the mail. (After it has to sit and decontaminate for a while?)

What are your future hopes or goals with running (or cycling or whatever)? I wish you the best of luck!!

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