Quarantine Coloring for Adults

Adult coloring books spiked to an estimated 12 million units sold in 2015, according to Neilsen Bookscan, and declined in the years following. It leveled out for a while, but it’s coming back strongly as people look for stay-at-home activities while social distancing.”

According to Google trend data, search interest for adult coloring books has increased by almost 400% during March 2020. Additionally, search interest for “best coloring books” has increased by 180%.

Now you can get your very own copy of Quarantine Coloring Patterns, if you’re one of those people who seem to have an abundance of time on your hands.

Me? I’m still working and trying to keep my kid homeschooled and entertained and not depressed during this time. So I haven’t found a magical source of extra time for new hobbies or calming activities. I’m envious of everyone who is learning to play an instrument or crochet or whittle or whatnot during this time.

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