Ignite CBD Topicals

A little while ago I was sent a couple of new products from the company Ignite. (Disclosure: Free products for the purpose of review.) Ignite sells both THC and CBD products, these are CBD with ZERO THC. That means zero high, in case you’re still in the closet about the world of cannabis, because it’s everywhere these days. I know my previously in-the-dark self has learned a lot over the past year, just due to the nature of living in the world and watching news.

The new line of topicals can be applied directly to the skin for instant relief. Each topical product includes 1,000 mg of CBD per bottle and anti-inflammatory plant extracts CBD, menthol crystals, and arnica.

The new CBD Pain Relief Cream is designed to reduce discomfort and inflammation at the source. This has a subtle lemon scent, which is pretty pleasant. The menthol in it provides a nice cooling sensation after it’s been applied and that helps some of the pain dissipate. I used this on my neck and shoulders and had positive results in reducing some pain, for a little while. The pain always comes back.

The lavender CBD Roll-On Oil helps with aromatherapeutic stress relief. I found this to be a delightful little lavender roll-on, similar to how you would use a regular essential oil product. I had a bad headache and rolled a little on my temples and got some relief. I also like to put this on my wrists before going to bed.

But I still can’t prove that CBD does anything for me. Both of these seemed to work as well as other products that are similar but don’t have CBD. So I just don’t know what to think about this booming business. I’m so overstressed and anxious in life, I really want to think CBD would be the cure-all answer, but CBD products are always more expensive than an equivalent product minus the hemp.

Another strange thing is these topical products are nowhere to be found on the Ignite CBD website. I’ve been holding off posting anything on these, assuming they were slow adding them to their site. But still no sign of them as of this writing. I did find them for sale on a couple of other sites, $39.99 for the pain relief cream on one site and $59.99 for the pain relief cream on another site.

So maybe these are still available or maybe they’re still too new to be found? I don’t know what’s up. And while I liked them, I’m not convinced they’re worth the expense.

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