October 2019 StrideBox

October 2019 StrideBox contents

Let’s break down the contents of the October 2019 StrideBox, alrighty?

Base Performance Real Bar in apple. Ingredients include apples, oats, chia, almonds, cranberries.

Base Gel in chocolate. This is made of two carb sources, maltodextrin (long chain blow burn) and fructose (short chain fast burn). They also make it in two other flavors, Watermelon and Strawberry Cream.

Energice vitamin-infused frozen hydration. These are only 30 calories per pop/bar/whatever. This really needed to come in the summer, I can totally envision wanting this after a run in the heat of a Vegas summer!

Fuel 100 Electro-Bites in Salty Chai. I’m super excited to try this new flavor, I’ve really liked the other flavors of these and I like these as fuel for long runs. I’m a terrible ambassador for Electro-Bites, because I think they’re great but I’ve been lax in my running, thus in my running fuel.

Bumbleroot Hydration in Raspberry Hibiscus Mint. I tried a different flavor of these in a StrideBox once and I wasn’t a fan. But I’m willing to give this a taste. Baobab is apparently very rich in antioxidants.

A zipper, expandable waist pouch. I don’t like these for running much as they tend to bounce around on me. BUT they’re better than having absolutely nothing, so I usually keep a waistband like this stashed in my luggage so if I go on a trip and have a chance to run, I at least have something to help hold gear!

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