September 2019 StrideBox

The September 2019 StrideBox arrived a couple of weeks ago. But due to life being crazy hectic and busy and stressful, I’m finally posting the details now!

ProBar Bite Organic Energy Bar in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: This was a tasty snack. It’s just 140 calories with 6g fiber and 5g protein, so it’s not super dense or practically a meal replacement.

Rip Van Wafels minis in Cookies & Cream: This brand has a lot of flavors available on Amazon, but I obviously have the Cookies & Cream option. The minis have 74 calories for the entire pack, along with just 2g of sugar and 3g of fiber. I don’t know that you’d fool anyone thinking these are a regular cookie, but they taste pretty good for a sweet hit. I’d buy more.


Unbeetabrew: This is coffee that is infused with beets and mushrooms. Sounds super strange and scary, huh? But it’s supposed to be very good for stamina and recovery needs. The reviews I saw online were extremely positive!

Klitch deodorizer: I stuck these in our shoe cabinet we have by the door. It helps to keep stink in check!

Voke Super Food tablets: These are kind of like vitamins in taste/texture. They seemed to give me a subtle boost, but that could have been placebo. But if the placebo works…

Aloe Up Sport natural lip balm: This is lip balm, with sunblock. It’s not strongly scented or anything like that. Evidently the company does make this in other flavors/scents/whatever. It doesn’t contain parabens.

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