Friday Fête – 07/24/2019

Feet in running shoes on a treadmill

I’ve made some changes on my site recently. I had to make a choice… 1) pay to keep my hosting alive, 2) move my hosting to a different site, or 3) shut it all down completely.

Let’s be honest, option 3 probably had the slimmest chance of happening. I’ve had a blog since 2001 and even though I’m not as prolific as I once was, it just doesn’t feel right to shut it all down. I’ve felt limited, as personal blogging doesn’t seem to be as big of “a thing” these days, so then I would limit my posts and nothing felt as gratifying as it used to. Then again, I didn’t start blogging because it was a thing tons of people were doing, I did it because basically I was “blogging” without the actual blog format/code on my website since 1995.

Looking at option 1, I would have had to pay $250 to renew my web hosting. (Okay, that’s the rate they wanted for 3 years of hosting. I could have paid for just 1 or 2 years.) But I’ve never been truly happy with that host. I’ve been on it for 3 years and my site would be up/down at odd times and it frustrated me. I had trouble uploading images and it was slow. When I added a security certificate to the site, things didn’t work properly for nearly a week. It was driving me crazy, thus further increasing the odds that I didn’t want to post.

So, option 2… I decided to move to a new host. It’s a pain to move hosts, but I hope it will work more consistently now! I’m already happier because I can actually upload an image to my blog from my phone without the blog crashing several times.

My goal is to post more on this site now. My start in blogging wasn’t ever to be an “influencer” (that didn’t exist way back then!) or to make money. A little bit of money and some great opportunities have come from happenstance by me posting my life on here. But the real benefit I got was to excise my thoughts through typing. So that’s the plan for now.

For now, I leave you with some things I found interesting this past week:

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