BrainTap App Review – Binaural Beats and Meditation


BrainTap Pro is an app that combines binaural beats and guided visualization to help the user “reset” their brain. It can be used to help improve anxious thoughts and feelings, promote deeper sleep, improve mood and energy levels, and more.

I recently tried the BrainTap Pro app. I did get a short-term press preview pass that allowed me to view a few different audio tracks in the app, but anyone can try the app for free. There are a few affiliate links to Amazon in this post that help support the continuation of this site.

The free download has a “starter pack” with a range of audio programs to help introduce the concepts, help with relaxation and tension, breathing, etc. They range in length from a little over 10 minutes to 22 minutes.

Once you select a program to try, you need to download that track to your phone (all within the app). This can fill up space on your phone, so if you download every single program and find yourself short on space, you may need to go delete tracks.

Once downloaded, you go into the desired program, sit back, relax, and push play. Using stereo headphones is recommended as binaural beats are best experienced with the different frequencies playing in each ear.

The research I’ve found recommends using binaural beats for 15-30 minutes each day for 30-45 days for maximum benefits. That aligns with what this app recommends as well. However… it’s really hard for me to find that time, so I’m a poor case study here and cannot attest to the benefits in using it that way. I will say that I did like the programs the sporadic times I tried it, but I always had an undercurrent of feeling stressed just because I was using it and was taking time away from either work or from my kid.

There were several sleep programs provided in the trial pack I had, but I can’t turn those on at night when my husband is going to sleep next to me since he’d be annoyed with that “noise”. So unless you have sleep headphones or sleep by yourself, I have a hard time knowing how to best implement the sleep tracks.

As I mentioned, the app is a free download and comes with several audio tracks. But you can purchase additional programs for specific areas you may want to improve. Most of these programs are $9.99/month unless you choose the Wellness Collection, which is $29.99/month.

Yes, you read that right… it’s a monthly subscription charge.

My first reaction to that was a negative one, I assumed you should be able to just pay $9.99 to get the pack and then it’s yours forever, as long as you have the app.

That said, if you can really commit to a program and do the work for the needed time/days, a fee of $9.99 per month is really not that much, especially when compared to therapy. (I recently went to my therapist again and it cost $150 per visit. Depending on the frequency of visits needed, that can add up!) So $9.99 starts to seem pretty affordable when compared against other treatment modalities.

I’m not saying that this is in any way a complete replacement for a trained professional therapy session, but BrainTap could be a good supplement to that treatment or for those who need a smaller amount of help, this is probably a worthwhile tool.

Remember, if you are experiencing difficulties in your life with stress, anxiety, sleep, etc. it is not a sign of weakness to seek help. Take care of yourself!

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