Aaptiv 5K Your Way

October 27 is the Aaptiv 5K Your Way virtual race. Now typically, I’m not a fan of “virtual races” because I feel like it’s mostly somebody just buying a medal. But I do kind of like the origins of these and where they started; when there was a sense of community from a lot of people running the same distance all over the world on the same day. Plus, you’re not just buying a medal in this, it’s free to sign up and you’re in the running for some fun prizes.

Aaptiv has several coached 5k programs available that can help you train for your best 5K. So whether you sign up for the Aaptiv 5K Your Way or you run a local 5K (or you combine the two on the same day!), Aaptiv has programs where a coach will lead you through intervals or push you when you need it.

Prizes for the challenge are a home gym or ten runner-up prize bags.

Like I said, there is no fee for the challenge. Plus, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Aaptiv. You’ve got 6 weeks to train for the challenge, which is great because that’s about how long most of the programs in the app are. (Or maybe you don’t need to “train” for the challenge but just want to join in or use it as part of your regular running program. That works too!)

Anyway, check it out!

Aaptiv 5K programs

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