National Sunglasses Day – June 27

National Sunglasses Day
June 27 is National Sunglasses Day. This “holiday” is brought to the world by the Vision Council. While it is a fun day for people to share a #SunglassSelfie on social media, it’s also a reminder that sunglasses are a more than just a fun accessory, they can also protect your eyes and help prevent vision loss. Seriously, it’s always a good reminder to me that I need to be better about wearing my sunglasses. The first time this day was brought to my attention I learned a lot of important things about ways the sun can impact your eyes. [Read the post from 2015]

The past year I’ve been obsessed with Goodr shades. I have 3 pairs of them, but I would have them all if I could! They’re only $25 a pop and each style has an amazingly wacky name. I’m currently digging these “Flamingos on a Booze Cruise” pair.
Goodr Shades - Flamingos on a Booze Cruise style

But to compete with these shades, Tifosi has recently released their Swank line. No silly names, but they are just as affordable and they come in several fun colors. I picked up a pair of orange ones at a group run held at Red Rock Running Company for Global Running Day. I’m tempted to go back to the store to pick up the red pair.
Tifosi Swank sunglasses in red

I also have this fantastic pair of black and white sunglasses that I picked up at Target for about $6 and my daughter calls them my silly sunglasses.


Sunglasses are just fun. I’m thinking that I should pick up a box to store them all in sometime. I also love that my daughter has quite the love of shades and she’s already got quite the collection accumulated. It started when she was a baby.
AwesomeA in Sunglasses

So remember to wear your shades and protect your eyes! Let me know your favorite shades!

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