Mindfulness for PMS, Hangovers, and Other Real-World Situations: More Than 75 Meditations to Help You Find Peace in Daily Life [Book Review]

Review of the new book Mindfulness for PMS, Hangovers, and Other Real-World Situations: More Than 75 Meditations to Help You Find Peace in Daily Life by Courtney Sunday
Advance copy sent to me free to review. This post contains affiliate links.

The message is clear, the world is overstimulated and we all need to meditate or approach our daily lives with more mindfulness. I see new articles about this every single day. It’s no longer just covered in fringe publications, it’s in the mainstream vernacular.

Meditation is really hard!

I’ve tried meditation in a lot of different forms. Guided meditations, breathing exercises, sitting in silence on my own… I’m pretty bad at quieting my mind. There’s too much going on in there! So when I was asked if I wanted to look at a preview copy of this book, I was willing to give it a go. I know my anxiety levels are not in a healthy place.

Table of Contents in Mindfulness for PMS, Hangovers and other Real-World Situations

This book appeals to me because it’s not written in a far-out-new-agey-woo-woo way. The chapters are broken down by real-life scenarios and they contain a “meditation” that is just 1 or 2 pages about specific scenarios. One chapter is “Technological Mindfulness” then it contains meditations for common irritating situations such as “The Wi-fi is Down” and “Your Cell Phone Dies”… you know, real things we encounter.

There is even a “meditation” on Mindfulness for Non-Hippies. Just in case you need reassurance that it’s not hippy-dippy.

"Meditation is not just for those who refer to their gurus and rarely wear shoes. Calming your mind is a mainstream idea. It's a way of rewiring the brain."

The book also has nicely designed details, with little flourishes at the bottoms of the pages and mandala illustrations on several pages as a transition mechanism.

Flourishes at page numbers in Mindfulness for PMS... Mandala touches in Mindfulness for PMS

And while the illustrations are a nice touch, I could see that the cover design combined with the mention of PMS in the title might make it a bit of a turn-off for male audiences. In that case, maybe get the kindle version and be more discreet.

I do a pretty good job of trying to settle in and breathe deeply when my kid has a hard time. I can coach her through the stressful moment, but I have a hard time doing that for myself. This book is nice that it has meditations for a lot of stressful situations and explains how to focus in on them in a short amount of text so you can start to focus on being mindful sooner.

There needs to be one for when you are surrounded by idiot drivers, my husband would need to memorize that one!

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  1. How insightful, thanks for posting! I’ve also switched to a healthier lifestyle which comes with a strict diet and with intensive training. I’m training for a race with SportMe half marathon app and I feel like I’m on the right track.

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