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After my run today, I recorded some audio using the Anchor app. I may continue this for a while, it is kind of fun to explore a new medium and may make for an easy way to get thoughts out of my head. Of course, then I feel the need to come document it in a blog post, so I’m not really making my life easier. LOL!

Here are the podcasts I mentioned in the audio:

I bought a couple of new pairs of shorts from Road Runner Sports recently. One pair is pictured up above. They have a great soft waistband and they don’t ride up in the crotch.


Hi, this is Jill and I have blogged at for… I don’t know, probably about 10 years now, I think. Yeah, that seems right. And it’s been hard to keep it up lately. I had a kid five years ago, and life is just fuller and podcasting is everywhere. Podcasting has been around for a long time, but podcasting is really reaching a peak right now. And the new app Anchor is making it really easy for people to make audio and distribute it. So I’m just gonna give it a try and play with a little bit of this and see where it goes. I don’t know, or I can’t guarantee that this will be a regular podcast or not. I’ll see how it plays out.

I just thought it would be fun to periodically pop in with some audio updates and share some of the things in my life. This morning I woke up when my alarm went off and I could not for the life of me figure out why my alarm was going off and what day it was. And it took me a couple of tries to shake off and think through the fog in my head, and I’m like, “okay, it’s Sunday and I’m tired. What’s going on? Oh yeah. I’m supposed to be running right now. Alright.”

And I finally drag myself out of bed and I went for a run, and I’m really glad that I did it because I feel like I got a lot of wisdom on this run, which is, I don’t know, silly or new agey to say, there’s cars driving past me so you might hear them. One just went by. But anyway, while I was running, I listened to the Selfie podcast, which it has Sarah James in Kristen Howerton, and they talked about mom guilt and mom guilt is something that weighs me down all the time. I feel guilty for working. I feel guilty if I’m not working. There is just no way to not feel guilt in my life. I feel guilt when I go out for a run and I leave my daughter behind and you know, really, this morning, she was still sleep, obviously. So that means she’s probably got 30 minutes or so where she’s been awake thus far, and I’ve finished a six mile run. So it’s not like I’m making her miss out on a whole lot, but I just feel guilty leaving her and not being there. But running is so good for me and it’s good for my mental well being. And the days that I do get out for a run, I feel so much better. I don’t know why we have this mental guilt and pressure that we put on ourselves. Anyway in the Selfie podcast, they were talking about how this is kind of a unique thing to women. We carry so much emotional baggage around with us and nobody asks men, how do you balance work and home life? But it’s always asked of women, and it made me a little bit angry thinking, “yeah, I shouldn’t have to carry around all of this emotional baggage and things of that nature.”

Then follow up that podcast. (I listen to podcasts at like 1.75x speed, so I get through them faster.) Anyway, I listened to Ultrarunner Podcast, which seems like it’s a total shift in perspective, but this episode was 18 tips for trail and ultra runners from somebody who’s been in the sport for 30 years. And one of the things that they said was “you do you”, and it’s like it doesn’t matter what other people are running, what pace they’re running, what distance they’re running, you do, what works for you. And I got thinking, you know what? Yeah, I need to keep remembering that and keep thinking you do you because I have literally been sick all of 2018 so far. I’ve had a cough. I cannot get rid of that cough. There’s a little bit of a gravel to my voice right now. I can hear it while I’m recording this. I read stories to my daughter and my voice gives out. It’s just I’ve been sick all year long and it’s put a damper on some of the race plans that I thought I would have and different things that I thought I would accomplish this year.

But you know what? I’m proud of what I just did. I’m proud that I ran six miles this morning and I don’t feel terrible right now. I’m not coughing extra right now, so that’s good and know what it doesn’t matter what my paces are, and I can make everything private on Strava. I hardly use Strava. Yeah.

I worry because I have my runs auto sync to it, and I worry that people are gonna look at and think, oh man, she ran this pace last year, but look at her now. She’s just struggling. Yeah, I’m struggling! I’ve been sick all year. And so I think I’m just gonna turn my Strava all to private for a while ’cause yeah, why torture myself with that kind of stuff.

So anyway, it’s just kind of weird. I had to kind of epiphanies and we’ll see how long they’ll stick with me because I do have a tendency to pack them down into my emotional baggage that I carry around. And yeah, I will see how it works and we’ll see how this podcasting stuff works. I don’t know. I’m not even sure I can call this a podcast. I’m recording audio, I guess it’s a podcast, but it just doesn’t seem like I’m doing a regular podcast. Maybe it will turn into that and maybe that will be… I don’t know, the new blogging future.

Blogging is so different than the way it used to be. I started my first blog back in 2001. There were no comments back then you just wrote and dumped your thoughts out on the internet. Then a few years later comments came along and you built kind of meaningful connections with people who read your site, and now nobody comments on blogs and they just go leave snarky anonymous comments on forums or they leave nasty comments on Facebook, and it’s just a weird world and maybe podcasting is a new way for me to get thoughts out of my head.

There is a lot of really disingenuous stuff out on social media and blogs and stuff, and I get it … good for you for monetizing your site. And I’ve tried little efforts to monetize, and I just can’t bring myself to be really, really false with these platforms. And so maybe this will be a way for me to get some of these swirling thoughts out of my head. And I can unpack some of this emotional baggage. So we’ll see. I don’t know.

Yeah, you can visit my blog. I’ll probably post these episodes on there. You can follow me on social media. I’m @jillwillrun on pretty much every platform and so, yeah, I’m just giving this a try and seeing how it goes. So until the next time, whether it’s tomorrow or it’s in a month or so, we’ll see how this unfolds. Take care!

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