Build Your Own Fitness Class

I recently did a great studio fitness class, but I elected to not sign up for a membership at this time because I got to thinking I could build that concept out myself at home. I mean… I’m missing the “group” part of the class. But I’ve at least got equipment to hold the class for myself.

Using my Aaptiv app, I filtered the treadmill classes to find ones that were 25-30 minutes long. After reading through a few of them, I chose one that had speed intervals and incline changes that seemed sufficiently challenging. I saved that to a new list in the app to keep track of the workouts I’m flagging specifically to mimic this type of class. [Sign up for an Aaptiv trial!]

Then I looked through the strength workouts, filtered to ones that were about 20 minutes. I found a few that seemed interesting to me so I saved those to my new list.

When it came time to workout, I hopped on the treadmill to warm up for about 5 minutes then I started my official treadmill workout from Aaptiv. The one I selected had me increase my incline with each song change and we did 3 “sprints” during each interval. So by the end, I was running at a 6% incline.

aaptiv treadmill workout screenshot

Then I hopped off, wiped my face off a little, took a swig of water, then selected the strength workout I wanted to do. This workout had me doing 3 different strength moves for a set amount of each time with an “active recovery” time where I had to do high knees or mountain climbers. Not quite the same as rowing intervals, but still kind of mimics the idea of strength with cardio bursts.

At the conclusion, I could have selected a stretching class from Aaptiv to cool down as well. I didn’t… I just did a couple of really quick stretches and got cleaned up. But it was an option! Also, I felt super accomplished at the end and it all took less time than it would have to drive to a studio, wait for class to start, take the class, then drive back home.


  1. Thank you so much for your post about Aaptiv in December (and this one!). I absolutely love it and it has made working out at the gym, on the “dreadmill” so much more fun. I don’t dread my workouts anymore, I actually look forward to them. I love that you can sort by music, too!! Anyway, thanks for the awesome recommendation!!

  2. I am loving Aaptiv as well. I used to go to Orange Theory but moved to a place where we don’t have one. I am looking forward to working out more than ever with Aaptiv. I see more and more workouts that I want to try.

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