A Run in Hartford

This past week I was in Hartford, CT for a few days to attend a work conference. It was rainy the first couple of days I was there, so I ran in my hotel.* But on day 3, the sky cleared and I had a 2-hour break between sessions and the evening social event. So I hustled back to my hotel, changed and got out to run a few miles.

Truthfully, I had no desire to play/drink/snack with the other conference attendees, but I was interested to check out the Connecticut Science Center where the event was held. And I figured I should make an effort to pseudo-network. The highlight of a conference for me is learning new stuff, gaining inspiration for my work, visiting someplace new, and getting a brief reprieve from daily responsibilities.

I had seen signs around town for the Hartford Marathon because my hotel was right next to the XL Center where the expo would be held. I immediately got to thinking that my conference was held a week too early, I could have potentially run the race!

Standing by a Hartford Marathon sign

But back to my run… I asked the front desk clerks for the best route to run toward the capitol building. Following their direction, I ran around the park surrounding the capitol then I headed toward the river and the convention center (where I’d been hanging out so I was already a little familiar with the spot.) It wasn’t a long run as it was getting dark and I needed to get cleaned up. But those 3 miles recharged me and gave me the energy I needed. I’m so happy I didn’t pass up the chance to go for a run in this city.

Just thought I’d share some of the pretty pics that I snapped while running.

Hartford Capitol building

Some arch in Hartford, CT

The river in Hartford

Path along the river in Hartford, CT

Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Beecher Stowe statue in Hartford

*I stayed at the Hartford Hilton which had a nice little gym plus an indoor pool.


  1. The Hartford Marathon is always fun. Too bad you couldn’t run it. It starts at the capital, includes the river, several other towns, and ends through the arch seen in your pictures. Come back next year.

    • It’s definitely earned a spot on my wishlist! I saw a lot of stuff going up preparing for the race, so I assumed the area that I ran through played a prominent role in the course!

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