Magic Anti-Inflammatory Water

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Want to be rid of inflammation and throw away your pain killers forever? Drink this concoction and you’ll be able to do exactly that. You’ll also grow thicker, fuller, hair… people will swoon over your very presence… you will become an instant millionaire… all of your dreams will come true… you’ll gain super powers.

Or something…

Here’s how to make the magic drink:

  • put water in a bottle
  • add a tablespoon (ish… don’t measure, that would involve more utensils to clean) of Dynamic Health Tart Cherry Turmeric and Ginger Tonic (or add all of those ingredients on your own separately… again, more work)
  • add a drop of lime essential oil (or don’t… read on)
  • put the lid on the bottle
  • shake it up
  • drink

So… why these ingredients? Let me enlighten you!


Some people proclaim turmeric is a miracle spice. It is recommended by lots of alternative medicine docs, even claiming it is better than conventional medicine. I’ve seen so many turmeric lattes showing up on social media, it’s almost ridiculous. On the flip side, the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry has found that perhaps turmeric is not as magical as it’s been presented lately. My opinion on it here is that it doesn’t make the drink taste bad and it’s not hurting me, so if it could maybe help reduce inflammation… may as well! But medicine still has a valuable place too.


Ginger is pretty well known for being used as a digestive aid. I’ve used it for that purpose for years. I took it on both of the cruises I’ve been on and I have carried ginger chews with me in lots of races. But it can also apparently help with inflammation, being tested on arthritis patients and it has shown improvement in joint pain. It also adds a nice little kick to the flavor.

Tart Cherry

I’ve probably seen the most information about studies done on tart cherry juice and its benefits for runners. It can help minimize post workout soreness and regular ingestion can help reduce inflammation for both athletes and arthritis sufferers. (So I assume it helps other forms of pain/inflammation too.) Tart cherry juice can also help you sleep better and sleep is an excellent form of recovery.

Essential Oil

Let’s talk the essential oil… I have some oils from the Vitality line by Young Living Essential Oils and they are supposedly safe for ingestion. Some people swear by taking essential oils internally for all kinds of reasons and others swear that they are evil. Some brands say their product is safe for internal use, others recommend using caution. For me, I’m not including this in the drink for any magical medicinal properties… I just include a drop of lime because I like the flavor. And I don’t do it every time because I think it probably isn’t wise to constantly assault the stomach lining with the extreme concentration found in essential oils. If you’re on the fence, educate yourself about ingesting essential oils.

The Vessel

Okay, so you can put your water in whatever bottle you want. I just wanted to proclaim how happy I am with this new Aladdin water bottle I purchased at Target recently. The reason it’s so awesome is it screws apart just below the tapered part so it fits in the water dispenser on my fridge. This also makes it so you don’t basically need a funnel to target your liquids into it for filling. Then it screws back together tightly and keeps your drink cold for a long time. I haven’t had any leaking so far and I’m really happy with this bottle. I like the stainless steel bottle for this because I’ve heard that you shouldn’t put essential oils in plastic, so I’m taking a little precaution there.

So is this a magical drink? No… but it tastes good and it brings a little change from drinking plain water with some potential benefits. But the biggest benefit is it makes it easier for me to drink more water during the day.

(If you believe in magic, I’ve got a great recipe for you for dehydrated water.)

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