Global Running Day 2017

Global Running Day
Happy Global Running Day! I think the main way you are supposed to celebrate is to go run…. so get on that, okay? I’ll be running later today, I had to get my kiddo ready (like I do every day) so her father could take her to school a little early because he had a meeting and I have a doctor’s appointment. And I’m so tired all of the time… seriously, I can’t figure out how I used to get up to run at 4 or 4:30 all the time for so long. These days it’s killing me to wake up at 5:20 each day!

But like any self-respecting holiday, we’ve got to commercialize it as well, right?! Here are a few deals I’ve learned about:


New subscribers can get 50% off their first box. Just use coupon code: RunningDay17
Code only good on 06/07/17

Signup for StrideBox

Running Skirts

Get free shipping and a free surprise gift with every purchase. They’ve got a “Keep it Chill” cooling collection that I’ve been thinking about trying, plus everything in that collection is 30% off right now.
Offer only valid on 06/07/17

Shop Running Skirts

Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Series

They are offering 1-day-only sales on entry to several of the races in their series. Not every race in the series, but many of them.
Only on 06/07/17

See Rock ‘n’ Roll Races

Runner’s World

Get 17 percent off any distance at the Runner’s World Half & Festival this October 20-22 in Bethlehem, PA. Just use the code GLOBALRUNNINGDAY when registering.

Brooks Running

To celebrate the “holiday”, Brooks Running is giving every athlete an endorsement deal. Just sign your deal, they’ll give you a badge to share on social media and supposedly you’ll get your “contract” in the mail along with your $1 payment!

Get Endorsed by Brooks


Free shipping on orders of $75+

Shop Mizuno

There are probably other great deals out there. If you know of any, drop them in the comments! Or just head out to run and let me know how your run was!

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