Goodr Sunglasses

Do you have a tendency to lose or break your sunglasses? My understanding is that lots of people do… but I would NEVER! LOL!

But I do get tired of my shades and seek change. Plus I like to make sure I have a pair in multiple places (my car, my bag, my husband’s car, etc.) because it’s important to protect your eyes but I have a tendency to not wear them if they’re not readily available.

That’s kind of why Goodr appealed to me… you can get fun, funky sunglasses for cheap… Just $25!

So I decided to give them a try and order a pair!

They arrive in a little white box with a strap to pull it open, kind of like a drawer.

The sunglasses are nestled inside the box in a little bag… you can use it to clean the lenses. Or you can lose it once you get it. Or you can give it to a small child to put random toy objects inside, they like doing that.

The glasses don’t slip and so far I haven’t had them steam up on me on any of my runs. The lenses are polarized and they block 100% UVA/UVB rays.

They have a ton of different styles and one of the things that cracks me up is the way they name the styles. And they put the name on the inside of one of the arms, so you’ll never forget. The pair I ordered was “A Ginger’s Soul”.

You’ll notice at the top, I went relatively tame. Mine are black frames with black lenses. But I really want to get the Flamingos on a Booze Cruise or Nessy’s Midnight Orgy.

They sold out of everything, but you can pre-order pairs from their next manufacturing and get them by late June/early July. And I might just do that to get those two pairs I want! I’ll call it my late Mother’s Day gift.

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Disclaimer: Lest you think I was paid or gifted shades or anything for this, I bought my Goodr shades myself and am sharing my experience with you. Because that’s how this site started… I bought running gear and wrote about it to share with my running friends online. It’s just now there are rules that state bloggers have to say if they’re given something, so then I feel compelled to have to disclose that it wasn’t a freebie. It’s a neverending overdisclosure cycle.

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