Easy Blister Prevention

Disclosure: I was sent a spray bottle of PreHeels free for the purpose of review. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting this site!
Blister Troubles?
Everyone has gotten a blister from a pair of shoes rubbing the wrong way, right? Nobody is immune to that annoyance and nobody wants a blister. The best approach is blister prevention.

I have known people who consistently get blisters in the same spot any time they run longer than a certain distance. I have known people who get blisters at random times. I have known people who get blisters on their Achilles every time they get a new pair of summer sandals. (Um…. I might fit some of these descriptions.)

And a lot of people have their own fixes for preventing blisters. Duct tape or kinesio tape or band-aid tape. Powders or creams or gels. Lubricants, deodorants, panty hose, two layers of socks, no layers of socks, and more.

Easier Option

PreHeels is spray-on blister prevention

Recently I was sent a bottle of PreHeels to test and review on the site. PreHeels is a blister prevention product. But instead of being something that is messy to rub on or sprinkle on, or something that will get bunched up and moved out of place, it’s got a little more longevity. It’s a spray.

When sprayed on it creates an invisible barrier on any skin tone. This strong layer of protection will last 6 or more hours to prevent irritation, hot spots, blisters, or chafing. And because it’s a spray, it’s easy to get in any spot you need it.

PreHeels box explaining how the product's blister prevention works

The bottle is a sleek black with bright pink writing and a picture of a high heel. I can envision this being a gnarly, bearded, ultrarunning trail dude’s best friend in his drop bag!

PreHeels blister prevention spray

Joking aside on that appearance, it is a product that pretty much anyone could probably use. Even gnarly, bearded, ultrarunning trail dudes.

Personally, I know that every summer I will usually get a pair of new sandals and every time I get new sandals I end up with a sore spot on my Achilles tendon. Then I decide I hate the sandals and stop wearing them. A simple spray of this would prevent that from happening.

PreHeels spray bottle

Don’t spray it into open wounds, try to use it before the blister of actually an opening, festering mess.


This isn’t just for feet either. Climbers can apply it to their hands. If you chafe along a sports bra band, this can be applied there. Men, no more band-aids on the nipples… you can use this! See…. it’s super versatile and for anyone, even with the pink bottle.

How do I get PreHeels?

You can purchase the full size bottle directly from the PreHeels website or via Amazon for $22.99. But you can get a discount on it through Amazon if you use Subscribe and Save. They also have a mini-bottle which retails for $14.99. I can’t speak to the men, but I know many women who might find it handy to keep in their purse. (Maybe you are a man who carries a satchel?)

It's not a purse, It's a satchel - Pic from The Hangover

Look it up if you have blister issues. Or hot spot issues. This one is a winner.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


Prevent Blisters in Any Kind of Shoe - Blister Prevention with PreHeels

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