60-Second Sweat [Book Review]

60-Second Sweat: Get a Rock Hard Body 1 Minute at a Time with High-Intensity Interval and Metabolic Resistance TrainingDisclosure: I was given a PDF copy of the book 60-Second Sweat: Get a Rock Hard Body 1 Minute at a Time with High-Intensity Interval and Metabolic Resistance Training by Patrick Striet free to review. Opinions here are always my own. There are affiliate links included in the post. Thanks for helping support this site.

Let’s get one thing straight here… you’re not going to get a “rock hard” body in literally one minute with this book, okay? But it’s a catchy title, right? The book even clears this up right in the beginning:

Can elite fitness and the body of your dreams be built in one minute? No. I am not a huckster or snake oil salesman. I am an ethical fitness professional who understands the mind-set and expectations of the typical adult looking to get and stay in shape.

The big reason for this book’s existence is because a lack of time is the reason so many people in our world give for not being able to fit in exercise. It’s my husband’s reason for never exercising. The book is for people who want to lose weight or feel better or improve fitness… or all of those! And it aims to help people do so in a healthy progression and provide an organized path to achievement while including options and variety to prevent boredom.

Before You Sweat

60-Second Sweat starts off with some guidelines for prior to starting, so you can get an introduction to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and MRT (metabolic resistance training). The program uses multiple-joints and compound moves so you build functional strength/fitness (because none of us move in a single plane of motion in regular life, right?) in a shorter amount of time.


Next we cover the must-know info about how everything will work: the importance of a warm-up, gauging your intensity, necessary equipment. And since I brought up equipment, it’s not a long list: dumbbells, adjustable bench, stability/exercise ball, resistance bands, exercise mat, and interval timer. It could easily be done in a home gym or at a gym where you have a membership.

There are some nutrition guidelines included with some sample meal plans. I do like that they have an entire section labeled “Don’t Demonize Fat and Carbs”. Seriously… don’t demonize entire food groups, macronutrients, etc. I get if you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll need to make some cutbacks. But it’s all about finding the right balance. I DON’T like that they recommend using a nutrition tracking app and measuring your food… just because that can become an obsessive action. So while it can be effective, if you have an obsessive personality walk that line with caution.

Also, it might be handy to learn to cook a few recipes if you are looking to implement this program. Cooking will probably save you time and money over going out to eat all the time, and it will be healthier. Unless you’re way into deep-frying at home.

The Program(s)

There are 3 different levels included: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. You’ll work out 3 times a week with the first two levels and 4 times a week on advanced.

The programs are laid out in a clean, easy to read grid with a small picture of the required move and a reference to the page where the full description of each move is located. Every move is pretty straightforward and easy to understand, yet they’re proven and effective. You’ll recognize a bunch of them, it’s not like you’ll have to stare at a page forever and feel like you’re misunderstanding a game of Twister. That will go a long way toward to the time management aspect of this program.


I liked the organization of this book, it looks like it would be a fun program to follow to complement a running goal as well as be a solid program on its own. (I really want to push my husband to start it when his busy season ends!)

You can get 60-Second Sweat in Kindle format for $13.99 or paperback for $19.99. (As of this posting, prices may change – follow the links for the current pricing.)

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