MilestonePod gets an Update!

MilestonePod box The MilestonePod got an update! It was just launched today. (August 2, 2016)

If you don’t recall or never heard about it, the MilestonePod is a cool little device you can attach to your shoe to track the mileage on your shoes, but it extends beyond that. It can help coach you on ways to improve your form. I reviewed it nearly a year ago and much that core review remains applicable. [MilestonePod review]

For the past week or so I had a preview release of the new MilestonePod to play with. (FTC disclosure: I got it for free.*)

The new device has some very distinct changes from the previous one: it looks a little sleeker, the odometer display is gone (I never used it!) and it’s waterproof. But the best improvement is you no longer have to unlace your shoe to attach it.

I mean… who has time in this day to actually UNLACE a shoe? 

Okay, that’s being silly, but it seriously is handy to be able to slide the cradle under your shoelaces:

Then place the Pod on top and twist to click it in place:

So simple.

The app has been cleaned up a little and the device syncs to it faster now. It also seems like the mileage is a little closer to my Garmin numbers with the new device. And even with all of the enhancements in the new version, it remains $24.95.

I love having this so I know what kind of mileage I’ve put on a pair of shoes. I like that it isn’t tethered to that shoe forever, you can buy new shoes and just reset your Pod for the new pair.

You can pick it up on the Milestone Sports website, and they have free shipping on the device for a limited time.

*FTC Rules: I received one free MilestonePod device under embargo to test before their launch date. 


    • Hi Tamsyn, the MilestonePod will be available on Amazon U.K. soon! Estimate the end of August. Thanks! – Milestone Sports

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