Shoe Dating

I’ve been running in the Saucony Virrata for the past several years. They’re zero-drop but have some cushion without being overly inflated pillows strapped to my feet. They’ve been fantastic shoes and I’ve run 5k to marathon in them.

They’re also discontinued…

Whomp whomp!

I’ve been buying some close outs but they’re getting harder to come by. My last couple of pairs each have 270-300 miles logged on them so far. One pair has a tiny hole in the toe. It’s probably time to start courting shoes again…

Right now I’m leaning toward the Altra One. It keeps the zero-drop I’m used to. 3.5 years ago I ran in their Intuition, it was a good shoe but a little stiffer than I preferred. But the One looks good, not super cushioned but also not super minimal. And Amazon has some sweet deals on the shoe now.

Although I then wonder if I should hit up a local running store to try shoes on. And have the option to return them if they aren’t working.

Or maybe I move back to 4mm drop territory.


One comment

  1. I’m currently shoe dating due to big change in the model I wore for about 3 years. Last shoe date pair was brooks launch (good shoe, but not as durable as I’d like), now trying some neutral pearl izumi’s on my dad’s recommendation since we have similar feet!

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