Light up Your Run [Zephyr Fire Giveaway]

I was sent a Zephyr Fire 100 from Nathan Sports to try out because last month was National Running Safety Month. But December… that’s where the real danger comes in! The days are shorter and we have less daylight for running!

Okay, the increased danger factor isn’t a real statistic, but it’s definitely dark out there!

The hand torch is made with an angled beam so it can illuminate your path effectively and the hand strap makes carrying it effortless in either hand. There is a white light in the front and a rear LED red light. It even comes with an onboard emergency siren.

It’s definitely bright. You have to hold in the button to turn the light on, so it isn’t a super quick on/off. That one detail seems like it could have been implemented a little better, but overall it’s a handy light.

The device is approved by the Ragnar Relay series, so you could use it to meet your illumination requirements for those races (along with your reflective vest!).

The device charges via USB and can charge from completely drained to full in about 6 hours. The light will glow for 5 hours on high beam, 7 hours in low and all the way up to 15 hours in a strobe mode. (Although, I hope I’m never running for 15 hours in the dark with just a strobe light to keep me company!)

I made a little video so you can see the light and hear the siren. My dog hates the siren. 🙂

I’ve got one Zephyr Fire 100 to giveaway as well. So enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and I’ll select a winner in a week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was sent a torch for free to review. Opinions here are always my own. Nathan Sports provided me with an additional torch that I will mail to the winner. (Unless the winner is local to Las Vegas, in which case I may hand-deliver it!)


  1. Living in Wisconsin running in the dark is always an issue. The ice can be so hard to spot. This looks like a nice light as you can always control where the light is shining and for how long. Favorite treat? Bring on the Christmas cookies!

  2. I much prefer to use a hand torches rather than a head torche.

    As someone who works long days, if it wasn’t for my hand torch, I wouldn’t feel safe running over winter when not running with the club.

  3. Pick me! 🙂 I have a headlamp that I use right now but my peanut head makes it impossible to stay on. I can wear it with a ball cap but then my ears freeze and the brim from the cap blocks the light. I’ve been looking for an alternate for a while now!

  4. as a pre-dawn runner it’s often dark (especially in the dead of winter) – so i have an LED armband, a headlamp, some small dollar-store LEDs that can go on my fingers in addition to a reflective Nathan vest. add to that my crazy colourful running wardrobe and i hope that most people can see me out on the roads or trails!

    • I love those cheap little finger lights! I found some at Target in the dollar section, along with some really bright LED bracelets. I look like an escaping Christmas Tree 😀

      This week I’ve actually seen two cars on the road in the dark with their headlights off! Reflective gear only works if there’s a light shining on it, so you can’t be too careful.

  5. Some early morning runs in the dark it I really don’t like going out by myself. I have a taser I carry on my hip and use well lite streets. Peppermint bark.

  6. I learned how to run in the dark and on the trails of Las Vegas this season! I just make sure I have a handheld light and headlamp, and extra reflective details on my “nighttime” running outfit. Fav holiday treat would have to be Italian Christmas bread (Panettone).

  7. I haven’t been running long lately so I manage by sticking to well lit areas and looping around multiple times. Favorite holiday treat: peppermint Blizzard.

  8. I run 4 days a week before sunrise so visibility is definitely always on my mind. Typically I run with a headlamp or if I have batteries, knucklelights but I would love to try something new and truly handsfree!

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