Bombas socks

A few weeks ago I was sent some Bombas socks to review on the site. I was drawn to accept the offer for a few reasons: a) fun colors! and b) quality construction details and c) the awesome business model.


Let’s get the frivolity out of the way first… the colors. They have a collection called brights and the socks are… well… bright. I feel like I have a tendency to dress like Rainbow Bright when I run. I will wear an insanely bright sports bra, with a bright top, sometimes-bright shorts, and bright shoes. May as well have bright socks too, right? Sometimes things I’m wearing even match!

But for those of you who might want a little more subdued approach, they do have those options too. [Bombas women’s socksBombas men’s socks – Bombas kids’ socks]


According to their size chart, my foot was right on the cusp between sizes. I was sent both S and M to test, I think I actually preferred the S a little bit. But since I was right there on the edge, both worked!

The socks are comfy, I’ve had no problems with them bunching up or rubbing. In fact, I wore them for my half marathon last weekend and my feet came through fine. There are a lot of thoughtful features in these socks and the time spent to figure out how to make them great is evident when you see them.

The socks will run you about $11 a pair, but if you buy a multi-pack then you get a discount. The price point is on par with many premium sport socks. But here’s where the dollar value becomes worth so much more.


For every sock purchased, a sock is donated. Socks are the most requested item by homeless shelters! I was kind of surprised by that, but when you think about how hard we can be on socks and if you only had one pair… it’s going to be worn out pretty fast.

What’s even cooler is the donation sock gets a lot of attention too. It’s not like they just pass off a crappy tube sock and say, “Check! Sock donated!” Nope. And it’s not the same sock that we as the consumer are buying. They’ve crafted something better. As their website states:

we engineered a sock to specifically meet the needs of people who don’t have the luxury of a clean pair of socks every day.

The donation sock is dark in color so it doesn’t show dirt and wear as easily. It’s treated with a powerful anti-microbial to prevent fungus from growing in situations where washing often isn’t a viable option. The seams are stronger. Just reading all of those features makes me feel a little soft and mushy inside. (I’m going to admit, that I feel a little sentimental and sappy much easier since I had a child. Feel free to tease me.)

So while they did send me some socks for free to test, I’m super impressed with this Bombas. They make good socks that anyone would be happy with for their athletic or lounging around activities and they are doing something good. Because of that I’m going to sing their praises. 

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


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