Fall Wardrobe Wishing

I am terrible at dressing myself. Well, I’m perfectly capable of putting clothes on myself. But I never feel as put together as I perceive other people, especially when I venture into public. Telecommuting for a decade has turned me into a slob! I aspire to not look messy, but I also can’t put a polished look together. There’s also this part of my brain that gets confused… seeing dresses and skirts that I love but then I realize I’m not going to reach for those in my closet by default. And it would take a lot of reprogramming to change my brain in that regard.

I received a catalog for Eddie Bauer recently and I found myself flagging lots of items as potential fall wardrobe items. I just need fall weather, lots of $$ and discipline to actually put together an “outfit” as opposed to “just some clothes.” I think that involves accessorizing. 😛


Women’s Sweatshirt Crewneck Sweater – Stripe • Eddie Bauer • $60–70
Women’s Textured Knit Pullover • Eddie Bauer • $50
Women’s Novelty Crochet T-Shirt • Eddie Bauer • $40–45
Women’s Myriad Jogger Pants • Eddie Bauer • $80
Women’s Voyager II Pants – Curvy • Eddie Bauer • $90
Women’s Adventurer® Boyfriend Slim Ripstop Pants – Print • Eddie Bauer • $80
Women’s Boyfriend Slim Leg Cords • Eddie Bauer • $70–80
Women’s Tranquil Cargo Jogger Pants • Eddie Bauer • $29.99
Women’s Eddie Bauer Leather Moc • Eddie Bauer • $100
Women’s Eddie Bauer Ellensburg • Eddie Bauer • $100

You can probably tell that I also seriously lean toward comfy and cozy as my “look”.

Fall weather is on the horizon… Well, fall weather for the Las Vegas area. This morning I woke up to 70-degree temps! And most of the overnight lows in the foreseeable forecast have temps in the low 70’s and even a couple in the upper 60’s! And the predicted high is not a triple digit, and possibly we could be done with them for the year. (There is 97 in the forecast… but that is much better than 104 or 113!)

This weekend I ran a half marathon in southern Utah and it started up a canyon. I was actually shivering and wishing I had gloves. And that was actually really refreshing!

Is it feeling fall-ish where you are?

*This post contains affiliate links. On the off-chance someone clicks on them and I get a couple of pennies to pay for this site’s hosting.

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