She’s 3!!!!


How did this happen? My baby is 3 today!

We had cake and ice cream as our little family unit last night. Or as #AwesomeA says, “Just the 4 of us. Mommy, A, Daddy and Jade.” Sometimes she says JadeTheBoxer is her sister, which is fantastic. She also tattles on Jade when the dog gets too close and puts her nose right on her neck when she doesn’t want that. Love when the kids fight!

She chose that hideous purple frosting at the grocery store and she put the sprinkles on herself. As well as poked those three holes you can see in the corner closest to the front of the picture. My husband commented that you can really “taste the purple” in the frosting. Meaning, it tasted kind of chemical-ish. 🙂

We opened presents from grandparents last night. 3 sets of presents took a long time to open when you have to play with each item. Kind of like Christmas last year and how it took all day to open presents!

I need to arrange a birthday party for her with little friends from school. I was faulty in thinking I still had time to get away with not doing that. But she said she wants to have “my friends come to my house for my birthday with panda candles*!” So… guess I better put together a little kid party, huh? I’m so not a party planner.

*Panda candles = I have no idea where she got that idea, but a couple of months ago she started saying “On my birthday I will turn 3 and I will have panda candles on my cake!” Panda candles are kind of hard to find. My step-grandmother put together a panda candle for us… I don’t know why I couldn’t think of this on my own! I could have photoshopped a panda candle, but gluing things together in real life?! Unthinkable!


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