Friday Fête

How about this? I’m rounding out a full week (Uh… 5 days) of posting on the site! It helps when you make a plan and stick to it. And have a post written for you by SaltStick for one of the days. I frequently have people send me emails asking to guest post on my site; I always turn them down because… well, this is MY site – MY voice – MY words. But maybe I should just say yes to them and never have to write a post again! 😉 Knowing myself if I did that I’d probably start another blog or go back to my old blog and start posting because I need to have an outlet at times!

Okay, so I’ve narrowed down my “athleisure” picks that I think I want to buy in the Nordstrom anniversary sale. The capris I would probably wear in the summer, provided it’s not over 110° outside. The pants I probably won’t wear until the (very late, almost winter) fall… but I love the way they look, and they look so much more comfy than skinny jeans. With my clothes indecision, I’ll probably just sit here and debate if I should buy them and then the sale will be over.

Another thing that I love is my Momentum wrap bracelet. I try to not wear it every day because I feel like I should switch up my accessories to uh… not be boring? (Really… don’t read this site for sound fashion advice.)


Check out their site… they have lots of great phrases on the wrap bracelets and the Foot Notes charms for your shoes are awesome too. They sent me one of those yet I’m not sure which shoes to put it on… I’ll decide what shoes I’m wearing in my upcoming race and put it on those! But I love the positivity.

I’ve seen this story trending all over Facebook: Evenflo debuts technology to prevent hot car deaths. It says it retails for just $149.88! I’m pretty sure my carseats have all been more than that or comparable in price and they don’t have any “smart” components!

Speaking of “smart” things… I recently learned about a waist pack for runners (or walkers/kids/people in general) that has a light to help the wearer be seen (Hence the name, BSEEN), a pocket to hold your junk and it can also power up your phone. I am not really a fan of waist packs for the most part, but this is kind of clever. Now if only they could team up with OrangeMud and make a HydraQuiver pack that charges your device, I’d be sold!

I shared this Outside article on my social channels the other day: Run Like a Mother

There were so many things I loved about it as it kind of spoke to the stress/guilt I feel as a mother runner. One of the things that resonated with me most:

Wherever we go, we carry our children with us. No matter how many miles I put between us, I’m always running back to my daughters.

However, there was one little segment where they reference soccer player Christine Rampone’s story: she is nearly 40, a mother of two and constantly questioned about how strange it is that she’s still playing at her age. (Which is just craziness to begin with…) At first I liked what she said, “I had to sacrifice time normally spent for friendships…for my top two priorities: motherhood and soccer. But any working mom knows what I’m talking about.”

I was like, “YES! I don’t have many friends or time with friends these days due to my lack of time.” But then it kind of struck me that she says has two priorities… motherhood and soccer.

Wait… soccer IS her work. DAMMIT!

So I’m back to feeling guilty for throwing running into all this. Apparently I’m supposed to be an employee and a mom. Yes, I know I’m taking that to an extreme conclusion. But just to illustrate how hard it is for us “regular” moms. Pro athletes that become mothers are held up as examples to all of us for bouncing back and making time for their health/fitness… but it’s their job! My work didn’t care if I was healthy, it was all about “Come back to work as fast as possible after you have a kid, especially because we don’t offer maternity leave but the government says we have to offer you FMLA leave.”

Okay, now I’m potentially veering into new ranty territory. That wasn’t my intention… but this is exactly why I need a blog. So I can start a brain dump where I talk about wearing athletic apparel as everyday wear and veer off into commentary about how pathetic the US is when it comes to parental leave.

Some songs I’m loving lately:

What songs are on your playlist? I always love finding new songs.

Lastly… this video. It has made me laugh too much today. And I’ve watched it too many times today. I don’t think I need a button… but maybe if it just gave people a good zing.


  1. The Button video is great! One song I’m playing a lot lately is “Biscuits” by Kacey Musgraves. I don’t usually listen to much country, but that song makes me smile.

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