It’s Getting “Hot in Herre”

Why does Nelly need two R’s in that song title?

Whatever… all I know is that things are getting smokin’ hot here in Vegas… and not in the ways indicated in that song. It’s all about the barometer baby.

(Okay, no more stupid late 90’s / early 2000’s rap references.)

This is the reality here in Vegas right now:


Each day the news outlets tell me this:


We have over 4x the amount of degrees as there are Republican presidential candidates.

Seriously, this is getting out of control! (image via Fox News… obvs)


Yes, I know… Las Vegas is hot. This isn’t a news flash. However, this is abnormally warm for June, and it has come on pretty suddenly after a fairly mild May. So this heat kind of hurts! Weather like this makes me want to wear a muumuu or something big, floaty that doesn’t touch my body in any way. And hang out indoors in air conditioning. And I’ve posted before how I don’t really feel comfortable in the whole athleisure category of clothing, yet this weather makes me want to wear clothing like all of these items… and maybe not only for running but for all day!

Of these, I really just own the Eddie Bauer Quantum shirt. Which I need to say… is pretty awesome. It’s super lightweight and has these little vents in it to help release built up heat. It’s expensive… so watch for sales. (Or buy it now… because I should encourage you to click on these links and buy stuff at full price so that maybe a couple of pennies get thrown my way to keep this site operational, right? That’s how this works?)


Here are some of my tips that I always have to relearn when summer rolls around:

  • Run early/late: Get up at stupid o’clock in the morning to run or get out the door at fatigued o’clock at night. Either way, it should be dark. The morning run can be just as the sun is coming up, but at night it’s best to wait until dark.
  • Cut yourself some slack: Your pace will probably be different… Runner’s World has some insane formula about cutting your pace by 30 seconds for every 5 degrees above 65 or something dumb like that. Not applicable here because eventually you’d just be standing there. And I highly endorse going inside if you’re just going to stand still. That said, just know that you may not run the pace of your life in scorching heat.
  • Drink: I don’t care about the people who say, “I don’t have to drink water if I’m running less than 10 miles.” Whatever… go do your weird bragging somewhere else. How is that an accomplishment? For me, if I’m running in the summer, I’m carrying water. Some days I drink the whole bottle in 3 miles, others I just drink a few small sips. Either way, I’d rather be prepared.
  • Cool down: After the run, this is the ideal time to make sure you get your body back into normal zones. I will drink something cool (ice cold recovery smoothie?). I will put a small ice pack on the back of my neck or on my forehead. I splash cold water on my face. And finally I rinse off with cold water. But if I don’t take some time to cool off before jumping in a semi-cool shower (because it’s hard to get truly cold water out of the tap in the summer here), then I feel like I just keep sweating. I need to start cooling everything off before that last step.

What are your tips and tricks for beating the heat, in daily life and in running?


  1. I have the opposite response to the number of Republican candidates. I am happy that there are a large number to choose from. I feel like a consistent problem is not having a candidate that I can support. For example, I will not be voting for anyone with the last name of Clinton or Bush or any other family member of a past president. The more people I have to choose from, the better. I wish that there were more political parties that did the same thing. I feel like more choice in the candidates is better.

    • I agree with having more choices. I just worry that a) it will muddy the candidates messages if they start attacking each other too much. b) It just feels comical now when new candidates announce. It’s starting to feel like “how many clowns can it hold?” to me. They just keep tumbling out. I would have rather had one day for all of them to declare on and then I know my options to start learning about them. c) This goes to the political party issue, but it seems like such diverse opinions on some issues that it makes me angry we still have these main two parties. Some of these candidates seem like they could be good, but given that it has to come down to a race between one of these people and Hillary (because… come on, she’s going to be the Democratic candidate) seems wrong. It could be a good race between a few of these people and Hillary for the final vote.

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