Friday Fête

This week exercise has been…. rough. I have not run since my 17 miles on Sunday. Like I posted the other day, I woke up feeling kind of cold-ish on Tuesday so I didn’t run early and then ended up with a sick kid. It’s hard to get out to run when you’re sitting next to your kid waiting for tell-tale signs she’s about to puke and trying to stick a bucket under her face. It is what it is. Then yesterday I felt like I had a full-on cold, as opposed to just cold-ish. I did manage to do my daily yoga, always with my kid next to me. She’s decided she needs her own “tiny yoga shirt” and a “little yoga mat” for herself.

#AwesomeA wants her own #yoga mat now. #Yoga30Days #TakeTheLeap #prAna #SweatPink @prana @fitapproach

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Another thing I’ve done instead of running this week is the Barre3 Runner’s Workout. It’s a 30-minute workout designed specifically for runners and I LOVE it. You can get the workout online if you have an account for Barre3. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial to access any of the video workouts on their site by using the code B3RUN. (code expires 8/31/2015) The 10-minute runner’s total body workout is available to everyone (even non-subscribers) online!


I impulse purchased these packaged meals by Modern Table that I saw at Target. They sounded interesting to me and I like the ingredients in them. They’ve got lentils or beans for extra protein, and you can add a meat to make them “your own” or whatever. I am just excited that they’re new flavors from our old standbys but still seem easy to make. My only concern is that my kid hasn’t eaten pasta in at least 6 months. I thought all little kids were supposed to love pasta, but she decided that she doesn’t want to eat pasta. Pasta is SOOOOOOO easy and every “kid” recipe I see online seems to be centered around pasta. I’ll cook one this weekend or next week and give it a try… hopefully #AwesomeA will give it a try too!


If you’ve ever wished some of your favorite running clothes were more reflective (or just… reflective) there is a cool Kickstarter going on now for Underfuse iron-on reflective strips. So often it seems like the reflective features on clothes are tiny little logos or something very insignificant. These will make sure you are highly visible… and you can be creative in how you place them. I think they look pretty cool!


I’m assuming and hoping I’m going to be all good to go to run 18 on Sunday. Maybe I should cut that number down?

I also need to book my flight to Boston. If you ever want someone to plan your vacation so that you never get to go anywhere, I’m your person. I’m the WORST travel planner in the world. Basically, I just give up and we never go on vacation. That needs to change this summer, my kid really wants to go to a zoo. We don’t have a zoo here in Las Vegas, although there are some strange animals in this city. A few years ago I returned from a morning run to learn on the news that a person’s tiger had escaped and was running loose… in the area that I had been running! But I don’t know of a place here that has giraffes or tapirs and #AwesomeA really wants to see those. I’m thinking San Diego will be on my agenda sometime in 2015!

Made any impulse purchases lately? Found a new workout? Are you going to go try the Barre3 workout (because you should!)? What’s your favorite color?

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