Life in a Nutshell

Whenever I hear “in a nutshell” this is what I think about:

Yes, the maturity level is high with this one.

Boston Marathon Training

I ran 15 miles this weekend. Every time I run a new distance beyond the half marathon distance it feels like the first time I ever did that, just because it’s been so long since I did marathon training. This weekend’s run was a really good run, it went a lot better than last weekend’s 14-miler when I had a lot of upset stomach. The weather was great, perhaps a little warm. While some parts of the country are buried under huge snow drifts, we’re experiencing above normal temps here in Las Vegas. (It’s about 80° today!) I did have several moments during my run where I thought, “It will be so awesome to have aid stations on course where I can just drink a glass of water instead of carrying it all myself.” because I do find myself rationing my fluids. I ran in capris, because I figure I’ll want to wear those for race day, and a short-sleeve shirt.

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// Days of Yoga

I’ve been using the FitStar Yoga app for my yoga practice lately, I’m really liking the ability to have a new routine each day. Although, some days I haven’t done a whole practice in the app, instead opting for 5-10 minutes to do some sun salutations during the day or to do “hoses” with the kiddo. It cracks me up each time she asks to “do a Monkey Hose!”


Fatigued, so Fatigued…

One problem with marathon training is how tired I’m feeling these days. I just don’t know how to fit in a ton of sleep and all the miles I need to cover! On Wednesday mornings I’ve been running 7 miles and in a couple of weeks that will jump up to 8 miles. It’s hard to get those covered, be showered, get the kid up and ready to work by 7AM. In fact, it’s impossible… it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe if I push my alarm to go off in the 3:00 AM hour? Ugh… Last week I got home from my long weekday run and my husband was in the shower and then the kid woke up early. So I ended up staying in my running clothes until I took an early lunch break. I just brushed my hair back into a smoother ponytail, dabbed a little BB Cream on my cheeks and threw a button up shirt on over my sports bra…. Voila! I look like I’m wearing a colored tank top under a shirt and I’m presentable enough for a web conference. And all the rules about refueling within 30 minutes of the run, it never happens. I’m always on mom duty immediately after! And I go to bed too late, usually by about 10:20ish. I put #AwesomeA to bed at 8pm and then make sure things are together for her school day and try to spend some time hanging out with my husband (assuming he’s home from work by then) and catching up on blog stuff. (Um…. not catching up. Trying to find my way to the surface a little? I’m so behind. So so so behind.)

All I can say is I am really glad it is a step back week this week!


Meal Planning

Those of you who are good at meal planning, how do you do it? I’m so tired of my regular standbys, but I’m also way too tired to battle the kid to try introducing lots of new foods and in the few precious house I have with her between work/school and bedtime, I would rather play than stick her in front of TV or some other way to ignore her while I prepare meals. Especially when it’s just the two of us eating together most of the time. And before this month started, truthfully she and I had PB&J sandwiches a couple of nights a week… but now that she’s been refusing school food and I have to pack a lunch for her each day, she gets PB (well, sunflower seed butter, her school is nut-free) for lunch so I don’t want to duplicate that! I’m a terrible dinner maker! (Well, actually… these days I’m pretty much a terrible any-meal maker. I’m chalking that up to fatigue as well.)

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