Friday Fête

Meditation is HARD. I’m currently on about day 15 of a 10-day introductory program from Headspace.  That’s because I fail to make the time… 10 measly minutes… for myself to meditate. And then when I do, I drift and think and analyze the whole time. That’s the whole point of trying to meditate, is to reign that reflex in because I feel it causes me undue stress. There’s also the issue of feeling like I’m doing some kind of illicit underground thing with meditation. I mentioned to my husband that I was going to try meditation and he just blankly looked at me and then went back to his college football boards. He thinks stuff like that is wacky. And it does have that image. But I’ve heard of the benefits and after reading Dan Harris’ book (10% Happier) on the subject, I’m certainly willing to believe that it’s not all wacky and “woo woo” or whatnot. (I need to buy that book… I got it from the library, it’s worth having my own copy. Note to self… do that next weekend.) But I feel like I’m not coping with stresses and changes in life as well as I possibly could. Life is moving too fast.


Speaking of life moving fast… today is my kid’s last day in the toddler room at school. Then she has a week off before the new school year starts and she goes back to school as a “beginner” in her little uniforms. (Which I’m still waiting to arrive, hopefully they fit. Dinky little kid I have, they’ll probably be falling off her!) It’s weird to think of her as not so baby. Yet, she’s still a baby and it seems to be so fast/early for her to be growing up. I mean, she’s not even 2 yet… that’s a couple weeks away still. How is 1.9 not a toddler?! She even calls herself a baby still.

Speaking of a week off… because she has no school next week, that means I have no work next week. I had to take the week off to take care of her. We thought we’d go on vacation, but are we? So far… no. We haven’t planned anything. Cause we suck. Or at least we are massive failures at planning vacations. The problem is that I don’t want to plan everything on my own and then feel like I’m dragging people somewhere they don’t want to go. And so I’m just not doing that anymore. Maybe when A is a little older I’ll drag her places. “Dammit kid, you’re going to Disneyland and you’ll be happy about it!” But for now, that’s way too much bother. So I guess I’ll take her shoe shopping not on a weekend when the stores are so crowded. Her feet are growing so fast these days!


Speaking of kids feet… because I’m such a nerd about letting feet develop and gaining foot strength, I’m really particular about the shoes A wears. So far, all her shoes are from Stride Rite (with the exception of her water shoes) because I like how flexible they are. But those things are kind of expensive when they only seem to last a few months!

Speaking of expensive shoes… I’m going to get the opportunity to try a pair of Hoka One One shoes. I’m intrigued to try these maximally cushioned shoes and see what all the fuss is about. Not only will I get to try them, I’ll get to give away a pair, so keep an eye out for that in several weeks. (I gotta get my pair and test them out!)


Speaking of… eh, I got no more segues.

If you were going to go on a spur-of-the-moment vacation, where would YOU go?


  1. Grand Canyon or San Diego!! I’ve never really tried meditation, but then I don’t think I really overthink things either. Hope it works for you!!

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