11 Things Before List Posts are Totally Out

… and because I need to post. It’s part of who I am, I feel empty without blurting my thoughts on the internet regularly.

  1. I have not been as prolific in my blogging as I used to be able to maintain. I just feel like every minute of every day is being sucked away from me before I can realize they’re gone. BUT…. I did spend time I should have spent reviewing a book for the blog to change the design of the site! Productive procrastination!
  2. Years ago, I used to get up at 4am to run so I could be cleaned up and ready to work by 6am (my days of overworking myself and giving my employer way more hours than they deserve from me) but I feel like I need every bit of sleep I can get these days. I think part of it is that I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted all the time lately that it gets harder to have energy to physically exhaust myself.
  3. That doesn’t mean that I avoid physical exhaustion. I love that I’ve built up to runs in the double-digits once more. That feels like a happier place for me with my running.
  4. It’s also nice to know that A will sleep in longer so I can run longer on Saturdays.
  5. Speaking of A… that kid is so amazing! She is 23-months-old now, she’ll be 2 next month! TWO! She is a smart little chatterbox and she’s got a sense of humor and a daredevil edge. I definitely didn’t have that, she scares me the way she likes to jump off things so much, but it’s also great to see the gleam of excitement in her eyes when she does it. Yet, she was terrified to sit on the carousel horses at the Santa Monica pier.
  6. I read the book 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story recently. Highly enjoyable book. I have two sides of me… the side that likes slightly-hippy-dippy-woo-woo-new-agey things, the other side that is far too cynical to fully embrace them. This book is an awesome balance, even more toward the cynic side in a completely fantastic way!
  7. I have this little obsession now that I want to run the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK. Why? Well…. all because of their  “Center of the Universe Detour” gimmick.  Someday I will run the shortest ultra out there… 26.5 miles. Oh yes…. someday, I will run that.
  8. I dyed some of my hair pink about 3 weeks ago with a henna hair color. I love love love it. Yes, it is worthy of three emotive declarations. But it’s faded quite a bit, so I want to refresh that. But then I thought…. what about purple? And blue? No green… that just seems wrong. Maybe I should have got the funny hair colors out of my system when I was younger, before I was in my mid-30’s? Who cares… I was too serious when I was younger.
    Pink hair
  9. I really do not like Linkin Park. And Linkin Park is always playing when I turn on the car. Is there some kind of law that Linkin Park must be playing on the radio at all times?
  10. Sometimes I wish I had more flexibility in my life. That I could run as many races as I want, in as many locations as I desire and go for as long of runs as I feel like. Of course, if I had the flexibility to do that… I probably wouldn’t have the money to do that. Damn life catch-22’s…
  11. Peanut M&M’s…. I’m addicted. I don’t really want an intervention, mmmmkay?


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