Swiftwick Socks

I was sent three pairs of Swiftwick socks free for the purpose of review. Thoughts posted on this site are always my own.

Swiftwick socks

Swiftwick makes socks for a wide variety of sports (to name some: running, golf, hockey, fishing — did you ever think about special socks for fishing? I never did. Maybe waterproof socks, but not regular ones!) They are all wicking, to pull moisture away from the skin and avoid blisters. When they contacted me, I said that I prefer thinner socks that are low-cut and they sent me three versions from their lineup to try.

ASPIRE: Minimal sock, it’s ultra-thin which is great for summer. It has compression technology and no toe seam to eliminate bunching at the top of your shoe. It comes in fun colors too, like green, pink and purple.

VIBE: This one is a little more cushioned, but still really thin. It has compression, but less than the other lines.

SUSTAIN: The only socks on the market created from post-industrial recycled nylon. From refusing to use chemicals to wick away moisture, to a commitment to being made in the USA – these are their tribute to the company’s eco-conscious ideals.

Their socks all come in a variety of heights. I prefer my running socks to be pretty low, so I was sent the ZERO models. I found all of them to be comfortable and effective. They were maybe a tad bit too low, as I had to make sure I pulled them up in place exactly right so my shoe didn’t rub on my Achilles. But when that was done, they didn’t move during the run.

My favorite was the SUSTAIN pair. They actually didn’t seem to need as much precision to get them on right and they were super comfy, even after a few washings. All of them came through the wash great with no shrinking or pilling. If I were buying a pair, I would probably pick the SUSTAIN, but any of them were fantastic socks. They retail for $11.99 a pair, pretty comparable with most specialty running socks.

They have a sock club where you can get specialty designed sock-of-the-month socks. As of this writing, the specialty sock is one with a “Mom” tattoo design on the ankle. They also offer the “Wick Nation”, a rewards program for buying socks and referring people to the site. (None of these links are referral links, FYI.) They have some pretty big names in ultrarunning signed on to their product, you can check out a list of athletes in Swiftwick socks as well.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


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