Zim’s: Heels & Feet Foot Cream & Max-Freeze Continuous Spray

I received a couple of products for free from Zim’s for the purpose of review. Opinions are my own, as always! I reviewed some of Zim’s products a year ago as well.

Zim's Foot Cream and Max Freeze Spray

Zim’s Heels & Feet Foot Cream offers effective skincare for runner’s feet for enduring the wear and tear of road running. Its naturally-based ingredients keep feet and toes soft and supple; aiding in the prevention of thickened skin.

– I like this product, it smooths on well and it improves the appearance of dry skin on the feet very quickly. I have only used it at night, before I go to sleep and with socks on over it. So I’m not sure how long it takes to really absorb into the skin. Tip: Shake the bottle up a little before you flip the top open because it might separate a little when setting.

Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray for Feet is specifically designed to ease pain and discomfort on sore heels and feet. The fast-acting spray on formula provides temporary relief of achy feet, using all-natural and certified organic ingredients.

– This says it is for feet… my feet haven’t hurt and I haven’t felt the need for some kind of pain relief on them. However, it does say on the bottle it is for the temporary pain relief of muscle aches/strains, bruises, backache, etc. I have sprayed it on bruises with great success and I’ve sprayed it on my own neck when it’s felt tight and sore. I really like the spray application, it gets a nice even covering in one quick blast. It is a menthol product, so it does have that trademark scent. But since it is applied in a nice fine mist, the scent dissipates more quickly than cream products I’ve tried.

These are both great products, and I can probably ramble on and on about how much I loved the Max-Freeze spray. I don’t know that I should love a pain-relief product that much or be excited when I’ve run into something once more and think, “Yes! I have a new bruise that I can treat with the spray!” (Well, maybe it’s not that extreme, but after the initial pain subsides, it’s always a relief to know that I have it available.)

Zim’s products are available online and in LOTS of retails across the US and Canada.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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