So… we all know that sleep is a great form of recovery, right? But what if where we’re sleeping is actually causing more problems? I was sent a bunch of sleep gear in the REM-Fit by Protect-a-Bed line to give my bed a makeover and I’m going to be testing it for a while. Right now, the pillow protectors and mattress protector have been on my bed for 2 weeks and I’ve been sleeping on the pillow during that time too.


I plan to check back in here after I’ve been sleeping on this stuff for a couple of hot summer months. But I thought I would let you know some of the ways the system is supposed to help.

  • Preventing allergens and dust mites (particularly important as runners begin spring training).
  • Adjusting to sleepers’ temperatures so they’re not too hot or too cold (through thermoregulating properties),
  • Helping sleepers find the perfect pillow. The Rest Adjustable Pillow lets sleepers create their ideal pillow with their preferred amount of fill.

So my initial reactions…

  • I like that you can adjust the amount of fill in the pillow to meet your needs. I haven’t had as much neck and upper back pain since switching to this pillow.
  • I haven’t been extremely hot or cold in bed. And we’ve had some temperature swings. The real test will be in the summer when the overnight lows are around 90.  Anything that can help my body regulate temperature will be welcome.
  • My bed sheets stay in place better! It’s a silly thing, but having the mattress protector under my fitted sheet seems to keep the sheet from pulling up. (My husband makes a mess of the bed. You should see our bed in the morning, his side looks like a tornado went through it and mine is mostly made.) A neat and tidy bed is one of my great pleasures in life, so this seems to actually make that easier to maintain!


REM-Fit just launched its Wake-Up Champions team. This is a group of fitness enthusiasts interested in exercise and overall health (particularly sleep). They’ll be giving Wake-Up Champions team member the chance to test out new products, regular motivational tips and updates and more. It’s free to join and anyone can join.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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