Friday Fête

Award Show

My site was nominated as one of the 50 top health blogs. Please vote for me, for the glory or something! I’m also 99.9% sure that I won’t overcome the people who already have 50+ votes! What kind of army do they have attacking these types of sites to vote them up that much? 🙂

Nominated - Health & Fitness blogs on VoiceBoks

Quiz Show

All those quizzes shared on Facebook are kind of annoying. You know, the ones that tell you which Family Guy character you are, or what shade of gray you are*… But sometimes, for some reason they take control of my mouse and I click on them. And then I inadvertently take the quiz and have no idea how to answer the questions because they’ll have a bunch of pictures of cartoon characters and say “Which 2000’s cartoon character is your favorite?” and I’m like, “I don’t know… what are those shows?” And then I get a result that tells me “You are Brian the dog” or “You are slate gray.” and I realize, “That was well worth 5 minutes of my life.” Anyway…. the other day I saw one for the TV show Orphan Black, a show that I didn’t even know existed until a month or so ago, and proceeded to watch all 10 episodes on Amazon Prime over the course of a few days. So I took the quiz. And for once, I felt like I could answer the questions with some kind of confidence. And I like the result it gave me. So…. just felt like sharing that for no real reason!

I am "Cosima" from Orphan Black

*I totally made up those quiz titles, but it would not surprise me if they existed.

**Edit: Apparently these quizzes do exist. Family Guy character and Shades of Grey (has to do with the dirty novels!)

***Edit 2: Apparently I am not Brian, I am “barely” Stewie. “Quick witted and quick tempered, you are often the smartest person in the room and you know it. You are intelligent, cultured and incontinent. It’s the last part of that statement which holds you back from your ultimate goal of world domination.”  And I ignored the Shades of Grey quiz.

Book Show

I recently read the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I like her TED talks and had heard positive things about this book; it was available for library checkout… so it ended up in my hands! I really liked it. I used to think of vulnerability as a bad thing, but this book helped me recognize that vulnerability and weakness are two distinct things. Vulnerability is basically the only way to develop meaningful connections with one another human being. And if we can’t express vulnerability with those close to us, maybe they aren’t really meant to be close to us.

The book touches on parenting, which I didn’t realize before I started it but I found that I really liked the parenting philosophy of “Be the kind of adult you want your child to be.” (That’s probably paraphrasing… I don’t have the book in front of me!)

I want Alex:

  • to be independent, but not afraid or unwilling to ask for and accept help when she needs it.
  • to make decisions for herself, not based on what she thinks others want.
  • to cultivate her own hobbies/interests.
  • to be confident.
  • to be open-minded, loving and accepting.

I think I need to do better on some of those things if I’m going to be the adult I want her to be!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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