Friday Fête

I was given a FAM Box a little bit ago. It’s another entry into the subscription box field, but this one is unique in that it contains gear for runners. It contained a pair of Reebok shorts, Under Armour hair bands, compression sleeves, socks… it was fun to get new stuff. And while the shorts are not ones that I would wear for running, they are a decent workout short.

FAM Box contents

The best thing is that the founder is open to suggestions. I kind of found it curious to get a box of ‘just stuff’… so I suggested that they include a card about each product and why it was included. And better yet, the card should include any potential social media accounts and/or hashtags to use when mentioning the box or items online. That’s a great way to encourage that people spread the word! So when I sent suggestions back to them, they responded:

The box I sent you was similar to what most customers are receiving today. We are young and the suggestions you made are very helpful and currently in progress. I want there to be a better “wow” factor when our customer receives their monthly FAM Box. That is why we are moving to a custom, branded FAM Box with an insert explaining what is enclosed. Also throwing some sort of confetti or tissue paper to spruce it up a bit.

At just $30 for the box, it’s a fun way to get new running stuff and that’s a way better deal than if you bought all the items separately! They ask for your gender/size when you sign up so you will get things tailored to you, but if there is a size issue you can always do an exchange!


I just tried a new service: True&Co
They’re a bra shopping assistance service. I’ll post a full review on it next week, but if you’re intrigued you can sign-up using my referral link and you’ll get $25 off your purchase of $100!


I got an email offering me a new “supplement” for endurance athletes. Honestly, it weirds me out and I can’t even begin to WANT to accept. It’s a deer antler extract and the delivery method is in a vapor… like those horrible e-cigarettes that are all over the place.  (And why do those lame commercials talk about “taking back our freedom” because they use a stupid e-cig? Nobody looks cool with that. NOBODY!) Would you want a supplement that comes in a vapor delivery device?

The University of Missouri put out a press release on keeping university students healthy during flu season, but the tips are good and applicable to anyone – especially the reminder to stay home to stop spreading your germs! After last Saturday’s 5K, both Alex and I came down with a lovely cough which has been lingering all week. Chest congestion really puts a damper on running!

50 Years of Nike

There aren’t many locations for the Wings for Life World Run in North America… mainly because they would have to start so early in the morning! But it is still a cool concept!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. Here’s the best part about that supplement: I click through to the website (meant to click the bra link), and the first thing I see is “A new way to enjoy New Zealand deer antler extract.” Yes! Because I’m in such a New Zealand deer antler extract rut, I can’t even tell you.

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