StitchFix: Second Fix

I got my first StitchFix in October and was impressed with the service. I wanted to sign up for another fix immediately, but I held off for a while. I’m glad I waited a little while, that gave me more time to reflect on my first go-round.

For those new to the show or are unaware, here’s how StitchFix works: You fill out a survey about your body type, lifestyle, likes/dislikes, etc. Then you pay $20 as a styling fee. You receive a box in the mail with 5 items hand-picked for you by a stylist. They’ve taken into consideration everything you provided in your survey. You try everything on, return the things you don’t want (in the enclosed prepaid envelope) and the $20 styling fee is applied toward anything you purchase. If you buy everything in the box you get a 25% discount.

My latest fix just arrived yesterday, here are the goods and decisions. (PS – If you weigh in TODAY, as in Friday January 17… you may be able to influence my decisions!)

Tart Yusuf Embellished Shoulder striped top
I like the striped top, I wasn’t sure about the sparkly, bedazzled embellishments on the shoulders. But I don’t mind them when on. But I don’t like the shoulder pads in the shirt… weird! Plus, the shirt is dry-clean only and with the embellishments on the shoulders, I’m 99% sure that at some point my toddler would find a way to smash some kind of food in there.
Verdict: On the Fence


41 Hawthorn Ivy Tulip Print tab sleeve blouse
I like this shirt, but it feels very similar to one that I got in my first fix. And while I wear that shirt a lot, I think I should branch out more.
Verdict: Return


Tart Hemmingway tab-sleeve knit shirt
This is probably my favorite item in the box. It’s comfy, feels like I’m being totally casual yet looks more pulled together than an old race t-shirt.
Verdict: Keep


Just Black Adora skinny jean
I was sooooooo excited to get green jeans in my fix. GREEN JEANS! I don’t know why I want green pants so much, but I do! And well, these pants are a lot tighter than I’m use to/comfortable with. It’s not like they’re too tight to even zip up and they don’t give me a muffin top, they stretch and move well; but still… not comfortable to me. They’re also soooooo long.
Verdict: Return [sad face]



Moon Collection Alexander Aztec Knit Drape Front Cardigan
I feel like I’m drowning in this. And I really am not a fan of any kind of southwestern-ish prints. This is just not right for me.
Verdict: Return


So this box wasn’t as much of a winner, but I think it is helpful to me in nailing down things I like/dislike. I’m going to schedule another fix soon too!

My links to StitchFix on this post are referral links. If you follow and sign up, I get a referral bonus. [Thanks to those of you who did that last time!!!] So if you’re at all intrigued by this… please consider using my link to sign up. I signed up using a Twitter friend’s referral link because I think it’s such a cool idea and I wanted to share the love. This post is not sponsored in any way, I purchased this myself and wanted to share the goods with anyone who may stumble upon this post.


  1. I agree about the 3rd top – totally outstanding. Also, I think the green jeans look really good on you. If comfortable in terms of fit, would you ever consider keeping them and adapting to the “skinny jean” look?

    • I guess that is part of my goal with this… branching out from my normal go-to looks that haven’t been making me happy. And I bet they’d look really great with boots.

  2. I love the first top. Take a look at the fabric makeup, is it really dry clean only? I recently bought a cotton spandex shirt that said dry clean only. I laughed and laughed and washed it like normal with no ill effects

  3. I like the jeans too- keep em! I’ve also washed dry clean only things. IT MIGHT be because of the embellishments. So maybe save it for special outings and wash it inside a lingerie bag when needed.

  4. Careful with rayon. I accidentally washed a rayon dress that I really liked and it shrunk so much it could probably fit a pre-teen girl now. I like the jeans, but don’t know that it’s worth altering them. You could probably find similar jeans that are better suited to your height. I didn’t own any skinny jeans till this past fall, but I’m now a big fan. I think they’re comfy and I like to wear them with boots. They look good on you and maybe you’d get used to the feel of the snug fit. I like the second and third tops, even if you have one similar. It still is a break from the race shirts and you know it’s something you’ll likely wear. Just my $.02. :). Fun idea by the way. Had never heard of this concept.

  5. I love the 2nd and 3rd tops! Understand not wanting multiples of the same style though. Dry clean only? Pssh. That means I will never wash it… (Or attempt to on “delicate”) Too bad those jeans are so long! Would they look cute rolled? (Did you end up keeping them?)

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