Energems Review

I was sent a sampler pack of Energems free for the purpose of review a little bit ago. These are milk chocolate candies that contain caffeine… 3 candies contains 75mg of caffeine (a can of cola contains about 35mg of caffeine and a generic brewed cup of coffee can contain 95-200mg of caffeine.) [Caffeine content via MayoClinic]


Each little candy or “gem” contains 15 calories, so a 3 piece serving is 45 calories. They come in three flavors: milk chocolate, mint chocolate and peanut butter chocolate. All are made with real milk chocolate.

Energems package

They’re kind of like M&M’s on crack… as they seemed ginormous when I first took one out of the box. I had just assumed the size would be equivalent to the common candies when I first read about them! I assumed wrong!

Energems vs M&M

They taste yummy though, although if you eat a milk chocolate one alongside a regular milk chocolate M&M… the candy wins in flavor! (Energems are considered a dietary supplement, not candy! Just like gummy vitamins aren’t candy!) But they do taste good. The one downside in the sampler box is the mint ones kind of managed to send their mintiness over to the other flavors by way of paper-box-osmosis or something… which is fine on the milk chocolate flavor but a faint minty note to a peanut butter is a little weird!

I didn’t notice a caffeine buzz… of course, I tried these just one “gem” at a time. The only time I’ve felt a real caffeine buzz/rush was when I drank an entire can of Xyience at once… oh, and a time in college when I took a couple No-Doz with a bottle of Coke. Those experiences made me jittery. I did not experience jittery with these.

My daughter did see me take one of these out and she wanted one. There was no way I was giving a one-year-old caffeinated candies dietary supplements, so I had to redirect her attention, so be warned… kids will see these and want them!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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