SlimClip iPhone Case

I usually carry my phone around in my pocket. Which isn’t really an attractive look when it’s in the front pocket, not much more attractive in a back pocket and has potential to break if I sit on it! But I don’t want to have a bit ol’ clip case.

The SlimClip case by Wonderful Things Factory is a pretty cool attempt to provide the capability to clip your phone on to a waist band, pocket (or an interior pocket on a diaper bag) without adding a lot of bulk.

SlimClip case in box

When I removed it from the packaging though, I admit I was kind of skeptical. It looked like a broken case!

SlimClip case empty

But you simply slide the phone in and tuck that top part around it, and that is where the clip action takes place!

It is definitely thin, which is nice. Not quite as thin as my current case, but the additional thickness is pretty negligible. I found that it doesn’t just clip on in a swift one-handed action (that could be my uncoordinated problem) but instead you have to kind of make sure to separate the clippy part to get it open… but that also makes it a little more secure.

I did have a few concerns though. The openings on the bottom of the case are pretty limiting. Thus, when I tried to use my typical Far End Gear earbud the plug just doesn’t fit securely. It also prevents it from sitting on my Sony alarm clock/dock to charge.

SlimClip case bottom

And while I felt fine clipping it to my waist/pocket while wandering around the house, I was unsure about clipping to myself for a run, even though the creator said that he and his wife do that. It’s not that I thought it wouldn’t be secure… it’s more that I was nervous that I would get sweat on my pricey device! When I brought that up, I got this response:

That has been a thought of mine and was brought up by one other customer. I have used it for several months and have not had a problem with it from a functional perspective.  I hope to find a way to address this without compromising the style and function soon. If this is a major concern for someone, right now I would suggest a clear coating directly on the phone.

I also mentioned the problem that I had with the openings on the bottom of the case and got this reply:

Thanks again for this feedback. We are definitely aware of the headphone issue and a version two is in the works with a new logo (the SlimClip image), a twice as wide headphone opening, a ridge that clips the side edge on the backside of the phone to prevent accidental slippage while clipping on, and a slightly thicker front rim.

I appreciated the positive response and feedback to my questions, even if I was expressing concern over the design. And when a new logo on the case was mentioned, I was a little bummed. I guess I can understand and they posted an image of it on twitter.  However, the juvenile side of me smiled and/or laughed every time I turned the phone over and saw the logo on the case!

WTF logo on case

What kind of phone case do you use? Do you use one? Do you use a clip or just stick your phone in your pocket or some other way of keeping it on you?
Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. I’ve got a rubberized Speck case for my iPhone, because I have butter fingers and tend to drop it often. If I’m out walking, then I just stick it in my back pocket. If I’ve got a hydration belt on, it’ll go in the belt’s pouch since I don’t like to hold it in my hands or put it around my arm.

  2. I hate holding my phone when I run. I have seen people running down the sidewalk holding their phone and it just seems awkward to me! Gotta have a belt or armband or something to carry it for me. (Maybe that makes me lazy?)

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