Got the Runs…

Yeah. I’m wearing a shirt with a total double entendre! (And yeah, I do feel a little silly sometimes in public in this shirt! Although, I wore it while we were on vacation in Mammoth and felt totally at home there, just because it seemed like everybody was running there! Love runner towns!)

Got the Runs shirt from i Am

This shirt is from i Am, they sell super-duper soft t-shirts (super, duper, mega soft!) with funny sayings on them. They’re handprinted, the ink doesn’t go all the way through the shirts so they continue to be soft and softer and softest with each wash.

They launched a line of funny running shirts recently. Plus they will be rolling out more running designs soon. I chose to get a size M after I read on the sizing info that they are a “modern fit” and will shrink a little. But well… it’s a little too loose. Not enough to keep me from wearing it, but I’d choose a S next time.

Running Shirts - 20% Discount

If you want to pick up your own shirt, they did offer a 20% discount to readers of my blog. Simply use the code JILLWILLRUN at checkout!

They have free returns, a wide range of topics (I’m kind of digging the geek shirts too!) and great customer service. Also, if you have a great idea of your own for a shirt submit it to them and if it’s selected for printing you get $150!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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