August Goals

My website has been down for most of the day because my host was having problems. So annoying! It’s been happening with more and more frequency. I’m changing hosts ASAP.

Did you know it’s a new month? Where does the time go? The older I get the faster it seems to go by!

Goal #1: Run 3x a week

Goal #1 - Run 3x a weekI’ve had a hard time running  consistently lately.  With this goal I don’t have to run any set distances, I’m not training for anything in particular right now. I just need to get myself out the door. Because once I do, I’ve been happy. I just haven’t fit it into my life as much as I need to or want to.

The heat seems to be killing me this year. I don’t know what it is, but I’m having a REALLY hard time with it. I think it may have something to do with hormones. My body is all kinds of out-of-whack. I’m tired, moody, overheated… I’m starting to think it may be my thyroid levels. I know those can change with pregnancy and breastfeeding,  why not with reduced BFing?

Anyway, I figure if I can get through the month of August running somewhat regularly (and after accomplishing goal #2), I will be more physically prepared to figure out a training plan/goal for the future.

Goal #2: Wean

Goal #2 - Wean the babyI’m so over exclusively pumping. On the day Alex turned 11-months-old, she had cow’s milk for the first time. And she drank the whole bottle. When I tried giving her formula after she first rejected nursing she gagged and threw the bottle. I was scared she would expect mama’s milk forever!  But she has been having two 5-6 oz bottles of cow’s milk a day for the past week and she’s been great with it.

Hey, by the way… did you know it’s World Breastfeeding Week? Yeah… nothing like seeing that little tidbit to add to my guilt over my weaning plans!

My approach to weaning has not been very scientific. I just dropped a pumping.  Then a few days later I tried dropping another one. (Okay, that few days later was today.) But I felt pretty uncomfortable several hours after my normal pumping time so I pumped 5 minutes to relieve some pressure. I even set a timer… and I didn’t want the 5 minutes to be up because it feels so much better to be drained. But I know my body needs the signals to stop producing as much.

There’s also the emotional guilt. Oh the emotions… that’s probably partly due to changing hormones as well. But I feel like I must be evil for “denying” my child something that is so good for her health.

But I’m also so excited at the possibility of no longer have to hook myself up to that machine 4 times a day (which was taking longer and longer) and not getting clogged ducts (which has been happening every other day since the baby refused me.) I look forward to being able to get up early and run without the pump, or sleeping in until the baby wakes up and just being able to get up with her without having to hook myself up to the pump.

Got any goals for the month yourself? Got any advice on weaning comfortably (and quickly) from the pump? 🙂


  1. Weaning is harder on mom than baby! By the time I weaned I wasn’t pumping very much so I took away one session a day each week. Milk production continues, even in smaller amounts for months after but engorgement goes away more and more everyday.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve read that milk production continues for some time after, that’s so interesting. And you’re right, it is a lot harder on mom. My baby girl didn’t even bat an eye!

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