Louisiana Fever

I’ve spent a lot more time with my Kindle of late, a side effect of exclusively pumping. Recently I read the book Louisiana Fever by D.J. Donaldson and I loved it! I’ve mentioned on here several times how I’m a little bit of a junkie for mysteries and thrillers and I love when they involve the medical field.

Lousiana Fever by DJ Donaldson This book stars Andy Broussard, a medical examiner in New Orleans. A body lands on his table with some very troubling signs of lethal pathogen that is seems to be spreading/infecting others at an alarming rate. Dr. Broussard and one of his associates, Kit, are working to try tracking down the source and how this happened before the disease gets too many. In the process, they also run into a murderer who is trying to hinder their process.

I really enjoyed this book, there were times I found myself gritting my teeth as I thought the killer was getting too close and then breathing a sigh of relief for a momentary reprieve before the tension rose again. The characters are fleshed out to the point where you care about them, but the book doesn’t drag on beyond what the plot needs. Nobody was jumping into the sack with another person at a perilous moment either. (Seriously, I always wonder why that happens in books. “Oh no, my life is in danger… let’s get it on!” And it happens so frequently in various media!)

The ending felt a little clunky to me though, a little too rushed. And the last sentence of the book kind of bugged me, it left me wanting more closure on that aspect. I’m sure that was actually meant to entice me to read a future book with these characters to gain that closure!

The book is only $4.99 on Kindle! I’m definitely going to look at the author’s other works in this series, there were a couple of moments in the book that alluded to previous stories in the series but nothing that you needed to have read them to be able to understand this book.

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/15wIN4l
B&N:  http://bit.ly/1abExIw
Astor+Blue:   http://bit.ly/11CS4c0

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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