Spartan Tough?

Are you tough enough to take on a Spartan Race?

I’ll be honest, the series sounds super hard. They have races all over the country, check to see if there is one near you.

Did you find one near you?

Good… because I want you to have a chance to do one for FREE! (Well, Spartan Races and I want you to have this chance, they’re the really generous ones!)

Here’s the giveaway… it will be up until Monday, so you need to jump on this quickly. One lucky recipient will get a code to enter a Spartan Race in the continental US for free.

And if you don’t win? Well… there’s always a discount! 15% off a race is better than paying full price, right? Even if you do win, you could enter another one of their races with the discount… so that would really be a win-win situation!

Enter by:

  • Commenting on this post
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  • Liking JillWillRun on Facebook
  • Liking SpartanRace on Facebook

Entries must come via the Rafflecopter widget.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try the Spartan race! I’ve run Warrior Dash and Mud Man X and they’ve both been so fun!

  2. I did the Spartan Sprint with only running as my training. I have added strength training and can’t wait to try another one to see how much better I can do!

  3. Love a challenge, (besides raising 3 kids without leaving them behind somewhere) . I can’t wait to try it!!

  4. I did the Sprint in AZ in Feb! I’m signed up for the Super one for Las Vegas next year but would love to win an entry for my brother! 🙂

  5. Last year my fiancee and I ran the Primal Mud Run and it was a blast. We want to do more races like that, and the Spartan Race would be perfect!

  6. I started reluctantly doing OCRs this year at the Arizona Spartan Sprint. It was slow going, hard on some obstacles and cold…why in AZ I thought it never got cold there, but I digress. I had a serious calf cramping that almost ended my race but after a few choice words and painful stretching I finish…only 10 minutes after one of the 25 yr olds on my team (she was the other female). While I was miserable I thought it was fun (in USAF Basic Training I loved the obstacle course training) and before I knew it I was registered for the Nevada Super Spartan and right after that the Colorado Military Sprint and in 3 wks I’ll be in Utah for Spartan Beast! I also have my very first Tough Mudder in September.

    As of right now I have 6 spartan races on my 2014 calendar, so I would say that I am fairly addicted. I even have a couple of homemade spears and hay bales to practice with, 4 tires ranging from 95# to 220# to practice with, some blocks that will be put on chains for the tractor pull (eventually I want 2 blocks on there) and I’m ordering a rope and crash pad to learn how to climb that thing. My husband said that if he gets a chance he’ll build me a small traverse wall to practice on that can double as a climbing wall. Yeah…I AM SPARTAN!! AROO! AROO! AROO!

    • BTW…I started this at 48 years old after doing half marathons for a year. Marathons/HM vs OCRs are two different animals. Can’t really compare them. The number of miles and obstacles at these races can vary dramatically. At the CO Military Sprint (just over 4 miles) there were 28 obstacles with some killer hills for those obstacles. At the recent Montana Sprint (just over 5 miles I think) they had 38 obstacles…more than what is usually in a Beast (30+ obstacles). They even had to climb up some small cliffs…I plan on doing that one next year just to see what the fuss was all about. There’s also the MudQuest in Waco, TX that had 100 obtacles on a nearly half marathon course. That will be done next year as well…I may have more OCRs next year than HMs/fulls!!

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